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Things got better. My head didnt hurt as much. I didnt get dizzy and I didnt black out. My bruises went away. They let me go home. But I didnt go out much due to the fact that early on, 4 people decided that I would never be alone at home. 

Charlie, Zoe and Taylor came over every other day and we'd spend the days lounging around in the living room, watching movies and eating junk food. 

On the days that they didnt come over Liam would come over and we'd spend the day doing random things around the house. Some days he'd bring the boys and those says would be filled with nothing but laughter. My time with Liam was sweet, would kiss and joke around. We'd get into food fights and then spend another half an hour cleaning it all up. 

               "I'm not able to come until noon tomorrow." Liam says as he sits next to me on my bed, his arm wrapped tightly around my shoulders. Today had been with my day with the girls but after they left he had come over, watching a movie with me. 

               "Thats fine." I tell him, biting my lip as my stomach rises to my thoart. I knew my mom would be with me tomorrow morning so it wasnt a problem.

               "I love you." Liam gets up, leaning down to give me a slow kiss. I reach up, tangling my hands in his hair.

               "I love you to." I sigh as I look up at him, not wanting to let him go.

               "Why are your eyes watering?" He sits back down, frowning. "You'll sleep, then when you get up you'll eat breakfeast and watch a little bit of tv and before you know it, i'll be here." He says, trying to get me to smile.

               "I know..." I cup his cheeks, pulling him closer to me, running my thumbs over his cheek bones. I give him a small smile before pulling him to me and kissing him as hard as I can. He kisses me back, pulling me into my lap. "I  really really love you." I tell him after I pull away, leaning against his chest. 

               "I really really love you to." He says, laying me against the pillows that were piled at the head of my bed.  "I'll be back in exactly 12 hours and you'll be sleeping most of them." He says after glancing at my alarm clock.  The look in his eyes lets me know that he really doesnt want to leave, which makes me feel better.

               "Bye." I whisper, hugging him tightly. He smiles, hugging me back. He slowly gets up and walks to the door, looking  back to give me a big smiles and a thumbs up. I give him a small smile back, collapsing against my pillows once I hear the front door close.


               "Mommy." I whisper as my mom takes a seat at the foot of my bed, tears already pouring down her face.

               "Yeah?" She raises a tissue to her face, wiping her cheeks. 

               "Will you hold me until I fall asleep?" I ask, my own tears were starting to fall. My mom nodds, moving to lay next to me, she lays her arm across my back as I lay on my stomach.

               "I was shellfish when I decided not to get treatment." I tell her, sniffling as she hands me a new tissue.

               "No. You weren't. You were being brave. I like how the last few months have been for you. If you would have had treatments, you wouldn't have been able to have fun." She rambles, trying to make me feel better.

               "What about you! I didnt even think of you!" I shout, feeling like the worst kid in the world. 

               "Shhhhh." She strokes my hair. "This isn't about me, its about you. I'm going to be okay." She continues to 'shh' me, her hand rubbing my back. It calms me and soon my eye lids are drooping.

               "I love you mom." I whisper, wanting to close my eyes. 

               "I love you to." She continues to rub my back as my eyes close and everything goes dark.

During the last 2 weeks that I've been home from the hospital, I've kept a secert. Something that only me and my mom knew. 

I wasn't better. The moment I had told my doctor about it, he had burst my bubble with four simple words that were said in the saddest tone possible 'Your not getting better.' He went on to explain that it was really just my body shutting all of the pain away so my body could shut down in the least possible away. They had made this possible with a fluid that had been in my IV during my time at the hospital. 

My mom had requested it, not wanting to see me in pain. At first I was mad that it had gotten my hopes up but then I was thankful, I wanted to have fun during my last few weeks, which is exactly what I did, spending as much time as possible with my friends and the love of my life. 

There were moments when I wanted to tell them but I always talked my self out of it. I knew it was wrong but I didn't want them to treat me any differently. I wanted them to be happy about what we were doing. 


Liam's POV-

The moment I turned down Bree's street I knew something was wrong. There was an ambulence in the driveway and a van with our city's name written in bold letters with the word coroner written below it. I jump out of my car, running into the lawn as a police officer is having Bree's mom and Charlie step out of the porch and on to the grass. He has them face away from the house and I quickly find out why. A perimedic is wheeling a strecther out of the house, a white sheet over what I knew was Bree's body.

I find it harder to breath as I walk over to Ms.Parks and Charlie. They are both crying, sniffling as they hug each other.

               "She was better." Is the only thing I can say when I finally reach them. Ms.Parks steps away from Charlie, turning to me.

               "The hospital gave her medication that would make her last few weeks pain free." She explains, more tears falling from her face. She seemed to have aged alot since I had seen her just yesterday. "She wanted to be treated like nothing was wrong."

Behind her, Charlie begins to cry harder, her body shaking.

I fall to my knees, pulling out the grass as I start to cry, not even embarrsed by how loud I am. 

               "She left this for you." Charlies voice sounds different as she says the words to me. I wipe my cheeks, reaching up and taking the envolope that she was holding out. My names was written in Bree's swirly hand writing. 

I mutter a thanks to Charlie, clutching the envolope to my chest, yelling out as tears fall down my cheeks.


*Holds out tissue* You might need this. 

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