Im pregnant by my mom boyfriend prt 2

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Im Pregnant by my moms boyfriend prt 2

The Convo with my "MOM"

"Mom Listen ! its not what it looks like ! well . actually it is what it looks like , but if anything its your fault !!"  

"How Loreen ? How is it MY fault ?! How is it MY fault your such a little slut ?! How is it MY fault your PREGNANT by MY BOYFRiEND !? " 

"But mom .... Listen please ?" 

"Speak Fast ! Junior coming over " 

[Junior is my mom younger boyfriend ; the Dude who got ME knocked up)  

"You're still dating him?"  

"Yes ! and i DONT want you around him ! Do you got that clear young Lady?"  

"Yes but .. " 

Before i could continue my mom threw a fist at my face , and i didnt see it coming at all. NO THiS BiTCH DiDNT JUST PUNCH ME >:O . Before I could think straight I grabbed her by her wavy Blonde hair . I twisted it in my hand & continuesly kicked her in the face. Just then Larry came ... 

"Loreen STOP ! What are you doing to mom ?!?" 

I stopped and Looked at him .  

"You wanna know waht IM doing ? You wanna know WHY iam doing this ? You wanna know what she said to me ?"  

Just then I collaped into a stream of tears. Larry came over to me and hugged me. Mom or should I say Trina walked until I heard the outside door shut. Larry carried me to his room so we can talk . I told him EVERYTHiNG . How Trina BEEN cheated on dad , how she called me a Slut , How her boyfriend RAPPED me & got me pregnant , but NOOOO mother wont listen to that . Just then my phone ringtone Just you and i by Ricky Blaze went on.. 

"Do you know how it feels,  

to wake up with someone that you love?  

It feels so real  

my angel was sent from above  

I like to see her smile  

even when I look in her eyes  

I get butterflies[flies]  

I don't wanna change  

I don't wanna change  

I don't wanna change her love  

I wanna change her last name,  

give her mine, onto her  

but feelings first baby girl you're my world  

no other girl  

I just wanna make this last forever " 

I looked at the caller iD & it said Junior . I looked at Larry who was Looking at me. 

"Let me talk to this guy " Larry said with anger in his voice.  

"No i got it , imma put it on speaker "  


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