“I’ll go pick her up now and then I’ll let you know what I find out later,” I mumbled, receiving nods from them. “Wish me luck guys.”

“You’ll be fine Minhyuk; just remember that you need to make sure she gets woozy.” I nodded at Taeil’s statement and then grabbed the car keys before walking out of the apartment. I climbed into the car and carefully drove away from the apartment, taking my time getting to Hyorin’s apartment.

My hands were sweaty and I couldn’t tell whether I was more nervous about driving or about having to manipulate Hyorin. The guilt was eating me from the inside out and I tried hard to cover it up while I got closer and closer to my destination. “Just calm down Minhyuk,” I thought, sighing shakily. “You’re doing this to keep her safe. Just remember that and you’ll be fine.” My thought process wasn’t helping me to relax at all and I pushed everything from my mind as I stopped in front of Hyorin’s apartment.

Climbing out of the car and locking it, I stumbled into a trashcan and steadied myself awkwardly before brushing off my sweater and jogging into Hyorin’s building. Carefully, I made my way up the stairs and then held up a hand to knock on the door before restraining myself awkwardly. As I mentally prepared myself for my confrontation with Hyorin, I stopped as a voice drifted through the door. “Yes, I know Hyorin. I’ll make sure that I take good care of the apartment while you’re out.”

“U-Kwon?” I whispered to myself in confusion. “When did U-Kwon come here?”

“I’m counting on you, okay? Be good today and then we’ll do something fun when I get back. How about we watch a movie or something to make up for me not spending much time with you?” Hyorin asked quietly, sounding extremely apologetic.

“That sounds like fun; I like that idea,” he agreed happily. “I also want a reward when I get back.” I raised an eyebrow at his pouty tone and then cocked my head to one side.

“I’ll give you a little kiss if you do your job properly,” Hyorin chuckled lightly with an amused tone. “Alright, I think it’s time for you to ‘disappear’ because Minhyuk will be here. We don’t need him finding out our little secret.”

“That we don’t,” U-Kwon agreed with a chuckle. “I’m just glad that no one believes in my world to even think the possibility exists.”

Hyorin was quiet and then said, “I forgot that you’re not supposed to exist. Alright, out with you!”

“He’s not supposed to exist? I thought in confusion. “What did I just overhear?” I murmured, sitting on the ground and puzzling over the words curiously before pushing it from mind and knocking lightly on the door.

Hyorin opened the door with a smile and waved me inside. “Minhyuk, thank you for coming so quickly!” she said happily, bustling around frantically. I felt myself looking around for any sign of U-Kwon having been there, but found none. Almost automatically, I began wandering around curiously, wondering where U-Kwon could have gone since he hadn’t walked out of the apartment. “So, how are the members this morning?” Hyorin called curiously.

“They’re fine, just a bit tired because we fell asleep late last night,” I replied in a distracted voice.

“Ah, did you have a lot on your minds?”

I tilted my head side to side and then said, “Yeah, you could say that.”

She chuckled and then sighed noisily. “Was it so important that you all stayed up late?”

I nodded when my search yielded fruitless and then answered, “Again, you could say that. It was just something concerning someone we know.”

“Was it a girl that you’re all close to?” she asked knowingly with a chuckle.

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