Foreshadow. Part 1~~

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I literally have no inspo so here's just like maybe a part for the story.~~

Draco's pov

I yawned and walked around,Most people skipped there last year of Hogwarts while I didn't. I wanted to finish just because. And I guess I got better,I quit calling people mudbloods,making fun of people for no reason.

I realized how much of a jerk I was because of my parents influence on myself.

''Hi Draco.''My other cousin waved as she walked by.


''Hey Draco.''Jaden caught up as I smiled.

''Hi.''I said again.

''Suprised you're still here. Thought you would have left.''She shrugged.

''Yeah. Next month I'm going to move on,probably work on moving somewhere away from my parents. ''I shrugged as well.

''I would too if I were you.''She nodded.

''mhm. do you know what you're going to do?''i asked.

''not really. Maybe find a place and a job.''she sighed.

''if you want,you could move in with me when I find a place. Blaise said he is for a little.''i offered as she looked over.

''nonsense Draco. I'm not gonna ruin your life even more!''She shook her head.

''Jaden Lily Potter,I swear on Dumbledores grave that you didn't ruin my life.''I crossed my fingers.


''Of course. If anything,you made it better.''I grinned as she smiled and rolled her eyes.

''Alright. Why not?''She laughed as I clapped.

''I have a rule. You cannot wake me up every morning at like 7.''I joked as she laughed and nodded.

''DRACO I FOUND SOMETHING DISGUSTING.''Blaise stopped at a hault as we did too.

''what Blaise?''i held in my laughter.

''LOOK''He screeched and pointed at Pansy as jaden burst into laughter.

''I thought you were gonna say the cockroach on your shoulder.''I pointed as Blaise looked and screamed,running.

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