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Isn't is kind of amazing how a person who was once a stranger can suddenly, without warning mean the entire world to you?

"Come on Bobby, hurry up" Dean says, losing all his patience.
"Boy I will smack you" Bobby says, losing his patience for the boy two hours ago.
Sam passed out in the back. "Sorry. I'm just so nervous. What if he changes his mind about me?" He says, starting to have a panic attack.
"Calm down, boy. Everything will be fine." Bobby smirks.
"You're right. I'm just freaking out." he smiles.
When Bobby takes a right turn and their new house is visible, he saw two people, one of them being Cas.
"HOLY SHIT HES HERE!" he snuck lower in his seat. Sam shot up.
"What the hell man?" Sam says.
Bobby shakes his head and parks in the driveway.
"You gonna get out?" Bobby asks.
Dean nods, but stays where he is. Sam rolls his eyes and walks out. He walks towards Cas.
"Hi. I'm Sam, the annoying brother." He says as shakes Castiel's hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Castiel. This is my brother Gabriel." He replies as he points to a shorter boy.
Sam waves, but Gabriel is just staring at the giant person. Back in the car, Bobby is trying to calm Dean down.
"Get out of my damn car," he says to the boy.
Dean gives him a look. "What if he doesn't like me anymore? What if he just came here to break up with me?" he asks, as he's staring at the black hair and blue eyes boy.
"He's been dating you for two years, Dean. He does like you a lot."
Bobby gets out and goes to meet Castiel and Gabriel. Dean takes a deep breath. "You love him. He loves you. You love him. He loves you," he whispers.
He gets out of the car and sees Castiel staring at him. Cas smirks. "Hi Dean," he waves. "Hey Cas," Dean smiles. Cas walks over to him and hugs him.
"Well, would you boys like to join us for dinner? It's pizza, so nothing fancy," Bobby asks.
The two boys agree, while Dean is just happy to see Cas. Everyone helps with putting boxes in the house. The three don't start unpacking just yet, so they just hang out. Sam and Gabriel are sitting quietly by the wall. Bobby ordering pizza and Cas and Dean are upstairs. Cas is looking in Dean's boxes that he needs to unpack.
"Are you still playing guitar?" he asks. Dean nods.
"I haven't for a while but yeah." he smirks at the boy. Cas blushes.
"What?" he questions.
"Nothing. Just you're really beautiful," Dean compliments as he hugs him.
"You are too." Cas whispers. Dean laughs. They stare at each other for a bit.
"Are you gonna finally kiss me?" Cas asks. Dean smirks.
"Should I?" Dean gives him a questioning look.
Cas nods. "You should." he laughs.
Dean leans in and kisses him. "Dean, Castiel, pizza!" Bobby yells.
They break from the kiss and smirk. "Wow," Cas says.
"Yeah. Let's get pizza so we can do that some more," he grabs Cas's hand and takes him downstairs.
They all start to eat and Bobby asks the other two boys some questions, about the town and the school. "It's just a nice small town," Cas answers. "Nothing else to say," he adds.
"Yeah. Well, you boys have school tomorrow. You two better head home. These two need to start unpacking some stuff." Bobby says.
Everyone gets up. Sam walks upstairs without saying goodbye to anyone. Gabe walks outside without saying goodbye either. Dean and Cas are talking at the front door.
"See you tomorrow," Dean says. Cas nods. "I love you," Cas kisses him. They pull away and Cas starts to walk off. "Love you too," Dean says. Cas waves and starts to walk off with Gabriel. Dean closes the door and walks upstairs. He passes Sam's room and he's just on his phone.
"You good?" Dean asks. Sam nods. "This is all just new."he smiles. Dean nods. "Yeah. But you're gonna meet new people, maybe a cute guy or girl. You don't talk to me," Dean laughs.
"A guy. Hopefully," Sam says. Dean nods.
"Well. I'll leave you to unpack. Tomorrow is your first day of being a junior, little Sammy." Dean starts to walk out.
"I'm taller than you," Sam yells.
"Shut up!" Dean yells.

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