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Three months later

Soolyeon's POV
It's been three months and a few weeks since me and Jisung have been dating and I've learned a lot about him and this vampire thing.
I know that in order for a vampire to die, they must have a piece of wood pass through their heart... Yeah, it's pretty messed up. I also learned the true story behind Mark being a vampire. I never knew this, but, he was in some type of "Vampire Gang".  It's basically a group of people  that decides to become vampires on their own.. Haechan was in it too but he bailed once Mark and everyone else started changing.
There's also this thing called compelling... It's when a vampire makes a human forget any and everything they want them to forget. So far, Jisung has told me he hasn't compelled me... I hope he's not lying, but then again, he doesn't lie. There's also this thing called vervain. It's used against vampires but it works great for regular humans, that way, you can't get compelled, but it hurts vampires.
Taelee, Reena and I started taking again. I told them about the whole Mark situation and they stopped talking to him. Reena said that her and Chan started talking and how much she likes him. We kind of talked about each other's crush in the chillest way possible. Whenever I talked about Jisung and Reena talked about Chan, Taelee was always left out... I had no idea why. She didn't want to talk about it, until one day when all of us gathered at a table to talk, I saw her and what she was doing... Since when does she stare at people? She caught me and we both turned away... Since that day, I avoided my question just so I get my facts right. The next day she did the same thing, and the day after that, and the day after that... It went on for a month... I was shocked.

The only sad part about all of this, is that... I barely saw Jisung at school anymore. His "body guard" is being really strict. The only time I could see him was at lunch, and it's only for 30 minutes.... Lunch is 1 hour and 30 minutes. So that's a whole hour I'm missing without seeing him. Everyday, he spoke less and less at school. We only spoke on weekends and sometimes days off. He never spoke much at school and his friends started worrying. A few weeks ago, Jeongin was the first to ask him what was wrong. He answered with a simple "I don't want to talk about it" and everyone looked at me. I was equally as confused. I didn't know what was wrong. Up to this day, he still doesn't talk much, but it's getting better. I still don't see him at breaks but that's ok.. Now he gets a full hour with us at lunch.. And he seems... Better, but still sad and depressed. Everytime I ask him, he always says the same thing like "I'm okay, don't worry about it" or "it's nothing, don't worry" and kisses me right after. I don't believe him but anyway.
I started to worry when none of us saw him for 2 days straight. Chan reassured me by saying he was okay and it's not the first time he does that. But something felt off. He hasn't been talking for a few weeks, his smiles seem fake and forced, he looks depressed and he just disappears for 2 days?... I find that creepy.
When he came back, we all, including Taelee ad Reena, asked what happened to him. He didn't fully answer. He just said he needed to calm down. So, of course, we asked him WHY he needed to clam down.. And he just said "because of stuff"
He's clearly not in a good place and I don't know why... Until today... I had enough of him being depressed and sad and went to look for him during class, in other words, I skipped class to go find him. I didn't exactly think this through. I skipped class when everyone else has class, so wouldn't that mean he's in class too? Wrong. I was walking the halls until I heard something. I found a door with a glass window in it. I peeped through and the view traumatized me.. Tears welled up in my eyes and I ran looking for help. How the fuck am I supposed to look for help when everyone's in class. Fuck it. I found Chan, Changbin and Minho's class and knocked on the door. Am I really ready to embarrass myself? I guess I am. The door opened and their teacher looked at me. I must be so lucky because she wasn't teaching. They weren't doing anything but talking. I stepped in her class and asked her the dumbest question. "um... Sorry to disturb you and your teaching, but, do you know where I can find um.. The main office?" I've been in this school for 3 years, and I don't know where the main office is? (sigh).. She laughed but she was really nice about it. She told me where it was and I said thank you. When I turned around, I saw Chan, Changbin and Minho staring at me. They knew something was wrong if I was in their class. My eyes were probably red from tearing up. I gave them a head signal and they followed me (with the teachers permission). As soon as I stepped out of the class, I started crying. What I saw.. Shocked and traumatized me. Chan came out first.
"s-soolyeon... What happened? Why are you crying" he asked. I couldn't keep any of this tears inside. He Hugged me and I cried some more. When Changbin and Minho came out, they asked me the same question. I couldn't answer. I eventually calmed down and they looked at me. They asked me once more. Instead of answering, I brought them to the room.... Where I saw...
"Soolyeon... Why did you bring us here?" Changbin asked.
"l-look" I said. Chan, Changbin and Minho mall looked through the door and were equally as traumatized.

"j-jae... Please come... Now"
"what? Are you okay?"
"j-just c-come"

We brought Jisung to my house and made space for him on the floor. He had pieces of wood on all his upper body. My tears couldn't stop falling. Jae tried to console me but, I was too angry to be dealt with. I looked over at Changbin and he was silently crying.
"how could I be so stupid" he said.
"it's not your fault C-changbin" I told him. He looked at me with red and teary eyes and he looked angry.
"Changbin, enough. It's not your fault, leave it at that" Chan said trying to pull out pieces of wood from Jisung's chest. I watched as each and everyone of them healed, one after the other until Chan was done. He then sighed and went in the kitchen. I followed him and sat next to him in the counter.
"y-you o-okay" I said stuttering.
"No I'm not okay. None of this is okay. I'm supposed to take care of all of them, more importantly Jisung. He has no parents and barely any freedom, how could I let this happen."
He said... I've never seen Chan cry. He looked so angry like me. I hugged him and he cried some more.
"Chan... None of us knew about his situation, it wasn't your fault OR anyone's for that matter. " I told him. Before he could respond, Minho called us to come in the living room.
"guys.. He's awake" he said. Chan bolted from his seat and ran towards the exit of the kitchen. I couldn't move. I don't know what I would say to him.
"Soolyeon? Why aren't you coming?" he asked me, turning around

i-i... Don't know.. What would I say to him... I'd probably just cry again. " I said.
"look... Even if you cry, he'd still want to see his girlfriend waiting for him. " he said. He convinced me to get up and walk to the living room.
I saw Jisung sitting on the couch. He looked confused and angry.
"what the fuck happened? Why am I here? When did I get here?" he asked
"Jisung.... Do you have any idea what happened to you today?" Chan asked.
"of course I do... " he said silently. I sat next to him and made sure not to disrupt him.
"why didn't you ever tell us what you were going through..?" Changbin asked.
"he told me if I did, there would be consequences" he said.

Sooo.... I did a bit of a time skip (I mean... No shit) but like... You probably have so many questions as in.... Who the fuck was Taelee staring at, why wasn't Jisung talking at school a lot, why he disappeared for 2 days and what the fuck happened to him. Yeah.... Ima answer all those questions, maybe in the next part so... Yeah..
Ok look, I probably won't update for the next week or 2 weeks cuz I'm slow and I sometimes forget about wattpad or... I have no idea what to write. So bear with me please. Anyways.
Hoped you enjoyed part 18 :)

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