chapter twenty-four ; things have changed

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june. 2010

Millie was wiping down one of the boilers while Finn was still measuring out some ingredients. She'd been back at the lab for around two weeks. She was learning lots from Finn and truly enjoying the time they'd spent together.

They were getting a lot closer to eachother, in fact he would even kiss her cheek from time to time. However they never talked about their kisses or even their relationship. Mainly because neither of them actually had the time to put work into a relationship.

"What's that?" Finn said suddenly after hearing a faint buzzing noise. Millie stopped her work to listen.

"Yo I don't hear anything." She responded. Finn sighed and continued to mix some of the chemicals. He simply assumed that he hadn't actually heard anything.

There were times when Millie made it hard for Finn to be productive. Sometimes he just wanted to stare at her and admire her. He didn't understand how it was possible for someone to be so gorgeous. She was flawless to him.

"Oh shit..." He muttered when he saw what the noise he'd heard was.

Millie began to walk over to him. "What?"

"There's a fly in here." Finn stated.

"So what?"

The tall boy sighed at her ignorance. Her biggest fault was that she was often rather oblivious and naive. Although Finn was smarter than the average person so he couldn't blame her for not knowing all the ins and outs.

"We have to get it out or it could ruin the entire batch. I know it sounds silly but it's not. If the fly would happen to get into one of the ingredients, it would be a complete disaster." He explained. Millie nodded her head slightly.

Finn went to grab a broom while Millie kept her eyes on the fly that was buzzing around the large room. They both had a feeling that it was going to take awhile to trap it.

"Millie, I'm a bit worried." He said unexpectedly. It was something that had been preying on his mind for awhile but he never brought it up. He didn't want to make Millie anxious.

"Dom is going to kill us whenever he gets the chance. He's probably already looking for someone to replace us." He added.

Millie took a moment to think about what he'd just said. He had a point but she thought that it was unrealistic. It most likely took him ages to find Marvin and it was just luck that Dom had found her and Finn. She didn't think that he'd be able to find a new chemist.

"So what are you saying?" She questioned.

He exhaled. "If we don't kill him, he will kill us."

Finn was trying to be as reasonable as possible but Millie thought he was being quite dumb.

"Whenever you found me at school... And we did our first cook in the little RV... I j-... I just never thought that it would lead up to all this shit. How many people have we hurt, Finn? How many more people are we going to hurt?" She replied in a somber tone.

Of course Finn did not enjoy hurting so many innocent people however he didn't really have any other choice. He had to defend himself and Millie, more importantly Millie. He felt like it was his job to protect her and keep her safe from all harm.

He placed a hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes. "I do all this shit because... I love you Millie."

For a moment it seemed like her heart completely stopped. She hadn't felt anything like that in a very long time. She was bad with words and didn't have a clue as to what she should say. So she simply leaned in and pressed her lips onto his.


Dom Gonzalez opened the front door of his large house to be greeted by two middle aged men wearing blue jackets. He instantly knew that they were from the D.E.A although he did not know why they were visiting him.

"My name is David Harbour and I'd like to ask you a few questions about something we found at a murder scene." He said while showing his badge to the man that was standing inside.

Dom smiled politely. "Of course, come inside gentlemen." He welcomed them into his home. He was a very good actor so he had a feeling that no matter what they asked, he'd be able to outsmart them. Although he was obviously nervous. One wrong move and his entire empire would come crashing down.

"We found your name and phone number in an apparent journal that belonged to a man by the name of Marvin White. Under your name and phone number it said 'call in case of emergency at the lab'. Furthermore, there were sketches in the journal of what appeared to be an underground mega-lab with the purpose of making insane amounts of drugs." Robert voiced while they strolled into the living room.

Dom was absolutely livid after hearing that. He made it a point to Marvin and all his employees to never speak of the lab or anything like that. He also told them to keep their work extroardinarily hidden.

But he was also mad at Finn. If Finn hadn't had Marvin killed, he wouldn't be getting questioned in the first place. In Dom's opinion, it was all Finn's fault.

"I did in fact know Marvin White. He was a very troubled young man and I always did my best to help him in any way I could. Unfortunately I do not know anything about his death or about this 'mega-lab' that you speak of. As I said, he was a troubled person. There is a possibility that his journal was simply an interpretation of his messed up world." Dom answered calmly and nonchalantly.

David wasn't buying it, but he didn't have any firm evidence against the man. So all that him and Robert could do was thank Dom for his time and leave peacefully.

"Do you know what I think?" David asked his friend while they walked back to the car. Robert shrugged.

"I think that we should follow him for a few days, see what he's up to." He added.

They both had a gut feeling that he was guilty. It was almost like he was too innocent to actually be innocent. They had a feeling that he was simply putting on an act.

They were not going to stop until they had Dom in handcuffs.

* * * *

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