2. You guys wanna come to the quarry with us?

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It's 12:50 and I am getting ready to go meet Beverly at Keene's Drugstore.
It's about a 5 minute walk to Keene's from my house, but I have to give myself one last check before going to meet her.
I am wearing a white floral dress which compliments my tanned and athletic body, a yellow scrunchie in my shoulder length brown hair, and my white tennis shoes.
At 12:55 I start rushing to Keene's and I find Beverly waiting outside.
"Hey" she says with a smile.
"Hi, um what are we doing here?" I question.
"I need to pick up something quickly."
"Oh, okay. Let's go in." I say as we start walking in.
She starts walking towards the last aisle and I follow her. She stops in front of the tampons and starts staring at them.
"Oh, I get it." I mutter to myself.
She picks up a box and we start making our way to the cash register when we see Greta Bowie. So we quickly go into the next aisle and we stop dead in our tracks because we see three boys standing in the middle of the aisle.
"Are you okay?" Bill Denborough asks and I notice that Beverly looks pale, and she has the box of tampons behind her back.
"Yeah, what's wrong with you?" She asks when she sees a boy, I think his name is Eddie, with an arm full of medical supplies.
"There is a boy outside, it looks like someone killed him." Eddie answers quickly.
"W-w we need some supplies, b-b but we don't have enough money." Bill says.
I look over at Beverly and I see that she has a plan.
We go to the cash register and I look at the boys waiting to give them a signal and I hear a crash and I look at Mr. Keene and his is picking stuff off the ground.
"Go" I mouth to them and I see them run out the door silently.
I turn back to Beverly and she is taking packs of cigarettes off the counter.
"Want one?" She whispers to me.
"Hell yeah" I whisper back.
After we pay we go out and find the boys, Bill is standing in the middle of the sidewalk signalling for us to come into the ally.
We walk into it and I see the thee boys and Richie crowded around a boy with blood all over him.
We walk closer and I realize that the boy is my brother Ben.
"Ben, oh my god, what happened to you!" I ask him in panic mode.
"I fell" he answers.
"Yeah, right into Henry Bowers" Richie says.
"S-s-s shut it r-Richie" Bill stutters out.
"Wait, you know this kid, new girl?" The third boy who's name is Stanley asks me.
"My name is Iyla, and yes I know him, he is my twin brother." I tell them.
"Are you okay that looks like it hurts?" Beverly asks Ben.
"Oh yeah" he answers, blushing.
"We were thinking of going into the quarry tomorrow, do you guys want to come?" Bill asks Ben, Beverly, and me.
"Sure" we all say in unison.

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