When I reached the stairs in the foyer, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Riku were just walking into the castle themselves. They stopped in their tracks as they stared at me. Sora trying to figure out who I was, since I had changed my appearance I wouldn't expect them to recognize me. Riku on the other hand didn't look confused, he looked stunned to see me, like he didn't expect to see me here. Did he recognize me?

            "Who are you?" Sora asked.

            "That's not important. It's none of your business." I then summoned both Lost memory and Two Across. I'd need both of them.

            Sora then summoned his Kingdom Key. "Well looks like to me your up to no good."

            "Maybe, maybe not. But you'll never know."

            Sora, Donald, and Goofy were ready to fight, Riku however was still standing there in shock. "Riku?....Riku?!'

            Riku took his time answering. "....What?"

            "Are you ok? Do you know her or something?"

            "No..." he shook his head.

            "Ok....then be ready."

            Riku nodded, "Right..."

            He then summoned his blade Way to the Dawn that I still remember so well. It'll be nice for my blades to meet his and I'm sure the power of mine will make his shatter and tremble. They all took  a battle stance waiting, thinking I'd charge first, which  I would. I was standing there with a hand on my hip, with both blades in hand. I chuckled.

            I was planning a strategy. It would be easier to take out Donald, Goofy, then Sora and leave Riku for last. But if  I could take them out all at once then I would. I would just have to wait for the opportunity. I smiled and twirled both my blades, as I felt the darkness grow stronger knowing I was about to fight. I could feel the black smoke that was surrounding my blades.

            "Whoa," Sora said taken aback. "Is that the darkness?"

            "I think so..." Donald said. "Like Riku." Then they all looked over to him for a moment but he was keeping his eyes on me.

            "Heya guys, I don't know if this is the right time to be thinkin' this, but uh, doesn't she seem kinda familiar?"

            I continued spinning my blades and smiled. I  jumped up high in the air and threw my spinning blades at Sora and Riku, Sora blocked it. Riku did as well but not as well as he could've. I could now see that it seemed that he would be holding back somewhat for some reason. My key blades spun back to me like boomerangs while I was floating in the air, and held them together, side by side, stretching out my arms.

             I then dived down to the floor like lightning, cutting into the floor with my blades, making a rippling explosion that expanded across the entire room.  Sora was surprised when the purple ripple when passed his feet, that it didn't hurt him. He didn't understand, but Riku did.

            "Don't let it touch you," RIku said. "Every time it does it lets the darkness in just a bit more."

            I smiled and stood to my feet and pulled my blades from the ground. I charged towards them and started swinging fighting both Sora and  Riku at once, with one blade. I saw Donald and Goofy coming towards me so I was preparing my other blade. I timed it at just right moment and swung my blade hitting them both, sending them to floor, knocking them out.

            "Donald! Goofy!" Sora yelled. I then saw  my chance to strike.

            "Sora!" RIku warned.

             I took Two across and punched Sora in the stomach with it, sending him on his back. He wasn't knocked out but it was taking him a moment to get up. For that short amount of time I concentrated on Riku. Giving him quick and consecutive lightning strikes, hoping that the lightning would get him if my blades couldn't. Sora was on his feet again ready to strike, so I did a backwards flip to get out of the way. I then launched my keyblade at Sora and watched it spin, he blocked it and it deflected and bounced and hit Riku in the side of the head.



            "Sora!" Riku growled.

            "I'm sorry."

            I then felt the darkness grow stronger, like it did when I was in Olympus so I could have only imagined how I looked. I felt the darkness beneath my feet making me levitate. They were both taken aback. I shot at them with purple blasts, they dodged them and started to run towards me and attacked me at the same time. They got a few good hits in until I used my strength to break through them, giving them lightning strikes again.

            The lightning was now purple instead of blue. I continued to parry with them, either back and forth, or at the same time. I made a huge blast again to get them away from me. They jumped back quick enough and slid to a halt.  I then charged towards them with my purple lightning sparking and flaring, charging. Right when I was about to strike them with a force that would have ended them, a bright light shined and I was pushed back to the other side. When the bright light vanished, Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy were being protected in a big ball of light, and standing in front of it, was a mouse holding a golden keyblade.

            "Your Majesty!" Sora and Riku said in unison.

            "Don't worry boys! I'm here for ya!"

            I growled and charged toward this mouse, preparing to strike, and when I did there was a clash and pushed me back. How? He then jumped up to my eye level and started to strike. I blocked each one. Then A big ball of light came from his blade and he fire it at me, but as it came it got bigger which was hard to miss. So it hit me and effected my darkness. He then went back in front of the huge ball of light.

            "Let's get you outta here boys!"

            I rushed towards him again and just before I got to him an enormous bright light shined like the sun. It weakened me and pushed back my darkness from its highest point to its normal semi-dormant state. When the light vanished I was on my knees and looked up to see that they had vanished. All of them. I was breathing heavily as I tried to process my thoughts through the confusion.

            Who was he? I heard them call him, Your Majesty. Was he some sort of king? But I had to try and sort this later, all I had time for now was to take care of the beast and take Belle's heart. That's what I came to do. I collected my peace of mind and stood to my feet to go meet with Saix to corrupt the monstrosity of this world that was waiting for me.

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