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\\campus info\\
• not allowed out of rooms after 10pm
•there is access to :
•movie theatre
•shopping mall
•food court
all inside the campus
•only allowed to share room with teammate
•no going in others rooms
•we will not provide ready-made meals resulting in contestants preparing their own food

You read the 'campus info' leaflet which everyone got handed. Jungkook has went to find his dorm which sadly is quite far away from your own.

It's about time you searched for your room don't you think ?

You looked down at your room number.

Jung Serena
- room 102
- roommate : Kim Taehyung


Why'd they have to put his name on it.

They completely ruined my excited attitude ugh.

Oh well he's just my teammate and roommate. I'll won't have to be around his presence 24/7! Such a relief...heh

Okay I'll admit; he's really good looking.
But not really my type. I'm more into cute guys who laugh and smile. Well Taehyung does 'smile' but not at the right things.

//Damien's POV//

"Lmao I forgot to ask who'd you get as your teammate ?" Taehyung asked unwrapping a sour cherry flavoured lollipop

"some chick called Vanessa" I replied playing with the chain hanging of the left side of my jeans

Vanessa Filipova
•video game addict
•loves puppies
•likes the colour purple
•interested in magic and elements
•has a bad boy kink
•major in art

"I'd rather stay with my girlfriend..but ya know life is hard" I sighed and let out a smirk

"Well you should be used to having to deal with something 'hard' " He wiggled his eyebrows and laughed

I hit my shoulder "well I won't deny it.." bwahahaha we're so weird.

I waved him off and wished him good luck. Tomorrow is the start of the competitions.

I walked into the room to see a blonde haired girl sitting on the double bed wearing a black robe and matching cosplay horns

"What a-are you wearing?!" I scolded quite uncomfortable and confused

"These are comforting, do you have a problem?" she fired back without hesitation, eyes still glued onto the computer screen.

Oh God please have mercy.


Okay I have good news and bad news...

good news is the place is beautiful! It's so aesthetically pleasing! I'd love this to be my real room! The view is great too it's almost perfect.

I'll repeat the word


I still have to share this room with Kim Taehyung which really ruins the whole mood; ugh I hate him more than anything right now. He called me such harsh words, and he didn't even know me.

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