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My blood was officially boiling. My hands were fisted tightly, and my face was burning with pure anger, or maybe was it jealousy? Sarah greeted my mothers after we finished hugging, and then she noticed Laurent, who was walking to us with a gracious smile.

''Laurent, it's great to see you again!'' Sarah said with a smirk while putting her hand on his shoulder, her signature move.

She was my best friend, and she had been my best friend for almost 10 years. I knew her better than anyone, and I knew exactly how she acted when she had a crush on someone. Right now, it was obvious for me that she had a crush on Laurent, my mate. It was killing me, because I loved her, but at the same time, I wanted to rip her hand off him.

''Hi, Sarah'', Laurent nodded, glancing at me with an anxious look.

Sarah remained at his side, attempting to keep physical contact with him. That strategy always worked on boys, and she knew it. I closed my eyes shut, trying to appease my uncontrollable emotions. Was this how Laurent had felt when he had seen me with Justin?

''How was work?'' Marie asked nicely, oblivious to my struggle with my wolf.

''For once, it was quite eventful'', she began with a knowing smile in direction. ''You don't have to hide it from me anymore, Jade. I know!''

She had a comprehensive, comforting expression, but her words only made me freeze in uneasiness. I had no idea what she was talking about, and neither were my mothers, from their stunned faces. Sarah came to me and took my hands in a friendly gesture.

''I understand why you wanted to keep this secret, I know you've waited for this since forever'', she said soothingly. ''I'm happy for you, Jade, I really am. And I get why you want to take a break next semester, I would probably do the same in your place. You have a lot of time to catch up!''

I became extremely confused, and I furrowed my eyebrows at her, wondering what she was ranting about. Laurent's face suddenly dropped, and I could see dread filling his silver eyes.

''What are you talking about, Sarah?'' I inquired seriously.

''Your father, who else!'' she exclaimed with a grin. ''He came to the restaurant earlier and told me you had suggested him to eat there, that you told him about our friendship. He was so nice!''

My hands dropped by my side and my face paled. Thomas was threatening me with Sarah, he was using her as a leverage. Panic paralyzed me, and I just stared at Sarah with wide eyes, no sounds coming out of my mouth. Laurent was the first to react and he walked to me, putting on a soothing hand on my lower back.

''Are you sure about what you're saying?'' he interrogated Sarah lowly. ''A man told you he was Jade's father? Did he say his name?''

''Yeah, he did'', Sarah answered with incomprehension, her smile disappearing. ''Thomas Vincent, if I remember correctly. Why?''

Her confirmation only fueled my fright, and I leaned into Laurent's warmth to find comfort, which surprised Sarah since last time we were together, I told her that I disliked him. Laurent had a dark, intimidating alpha look on his face, which worried Sarah, since she had only seen his nice side so far. My mothers were glancing at each other with hesitation, contributing to the heavy silence floating around the house.

''What's going on? Why are you all making those faces?'' Sarah demanded.

''Thomas is not a good man, Sarah'', Joanne tried to explain. ''Jade left to hide from him, because he's dangerous. I think he's trying to get to her by getting to you. Did he say something else to you? Something you find suspicious?''

Sarah's eyes widened, and she looked at me with a mix of pity and fear.

''I don't know, I mean...'', she started, stuttering. ''He did tell me that if he invited me too, maybe it would convince Jade to have dinner with him.''

Everybody sighed in discouragement, realizing the tricky predicament we were in.


''What do we do now?'' I asked while biting my nails, stress eating me up. ''We bring her to your place too?''

''We can't'', he shook his head. ''She doesn't know about what we are, and it's not a secret we can share freely.''

''So, we let her die at his hands?'' I hissed, infuriated by the situation.

Laurent and I had gone upstairs to my room to discuss, while my mothers attempted to explain everything to Sarah, while keeping the werewolf part in the dark. We had an impossible decision to make.

''Of course not, Jade'', he said softly, not wanting to feed my anger. ''Just, let me think about something.''

He paced around my bedroom, lost in his thoughts, while I remained on my bed, trembling from head to toes. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when my phone rang, signaling me that I had a text message. I took my phone hastily, Laurent running to my side to read it too.

Don't worry, darling. I won't touch her until the next full moon. Hopefully, you will have made your decision then.

It was from an unknown number again, but a new one, since I had blocked the first one.

''Next full moon is in two weeks'', Laurent stated tensely. ''We'll have to get rid of him before then.''

''What?'' I exclaimed. ''I'm not ready to fight him! I barely know how to walk in wolf form.''

''You're not the one who will fight him'', he retorted lowly. ''I will.''

My shoulders sagged from the weight of his words. I had two weeks, two weeks to find a way to both save my mate and my best friend, and my options were very limited. One thing was still clear to me.

''I don't want your pack involved'', I demanded confidently, afraid to see innocent lives being taken because of me. ''I don't want anyone fighting for me, actually, but it seems like I won't be able to fight you on that.''

''No, you won't'', he affirmed honestly. ''And it's going to be an alpha to alpha battle. Packs are never involved in those.''

''Good'', I nodded, hiding my hopelessness at the idea of losing him.

He hugged me tightly, and I breathed in his relaxing scent, hoping I would still be able to touch him like that in two weeks. Few minutes later, we walked back downstairs, and everybody seemed calmer, although we were all on edge anticipating about the outcome. Sarah left soon after, and so did Laurent and me.

I was exhausted, and I wanted to enjoy more intimate moments with Laurent, since I had no idea how much time I had left with him. Fortunately for me, he had decided to let me move back into his house, since he did not have any secret to keep from me anymore. So, we bought pizza on our way back and ate at the house in a comfortable silence. I suddenly thought back about everything we had learned today, and a detail made me smirk at him softly. Even with all the troubles we had, it was important for me to find the time for lighter moments.

''So, I guess I'm not too young for you anymore, aren't I?'' I teased Laurent, who rolled his eyes at me playfully.

''Nothing will change between us, Jade'', he countered more seriously, taking a bite of his pizza.

I felt a sliver of disappointment, but I was not one to give up so easily.

''Oh really?'' I provoked him, running myfingers on his thigh, under the table. Sparks flew around the contact, and hegulped not so discreetly.     

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