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I woke up in Laurent's bed, with him sitting beside me, watching me attentively. I felt stronger now, my energy restored and my body lighter. I looked back at him uncertainly as I sat on the bed. Everything felt different now. I was a stranger to my own body, and my relationship with Laurent had changed completely in a matter of seconds. I did not know how to act with him anymore, it was even more conflictual than before.

''Feeling better?'' he asked, breaking the heavy silence.

The simple sound of his voice was now appealing to me. I could already notice the changes in our bond, and I wondered if this was how he felt since the beginning with me.

''Yeah, I guess'', I shrugged with a harsh tone, struggling to resist the urge to touch him.

He stared at his feet for a second, before he looked at me again, worry and regret painting his handsome features.

''I'm sorry'', he let out simply, at loss of words.

I nodded coldly, not able to express all the pain and sadness he caused me.

''So, why the secrets?'' I questioned, hoping he would finally be sincere. ''Is it really because of my age, or do you just...not want me at all as your mate?''

My heart crushed at this idea. He tensed, glancing at me with intense, frustrated eyes. He took a deep breath and stood up, pacing around the bedroom.

''I've always thought that you were too young, and I would have waited until you were at least 18 years old to properly meet you, if the circumstances had been different'', he admitted gazing through the window thoughtfully. ''But you had to be protected, and I did not trust anyone else to do it.''

''But it's not the main reason, isn't it?'' I encouraged him to continue, apprehension spreading through me.

''No, it's not'', he agreed, turning to me with sad eyes. ''My father...he had visions of the future. It was his alpha ability. He could catch glimpses of everyone else's future except his own. Before his death, he had a vision of you and me.''

I frowned, wondering where this was going. It was the first time that Laurent was talking to me about his father, and I knew it was because his death was a very sensitive subject for my mate. His father's ability ignited an interest in me, but I could easily guess that his vision would not please me.

''What did he see?'' I enquired, eager to learn the truth.

''He saw me protecting you, and killing Thomas'', he began gloomily and slowly, and watching me cautiously. ''Then...he saw me, dying from my wounds, with you crying at my side.''

My heart stopped, and I wanted to throw up. I was frozen, gaping at Laurent, praying that it was not real. Could life truly be that cruel, gifting me with a soulmate only to take him away so fast?

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