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Hey! Thanks for reading Dear Universe, I hope you liked the story!

I just wanted to clear some things up:

1. There is a reason I didn't jump straight to a happy ending in the epilogue. Annie suffers from a mix of mental health issues as well as depression. Things like that don't just go away, so I wanted to show that even though she tries and wants to be happy - it's not that simple. Like Annie said, it's like an intruder in her body. 

2. No, I am not depressed, I don't see a psychiatrist, write an blog, or have a dead little brother or anything else that happened in the story. This is 100% fiction. The only thing I personally relate to in this book is the love of Marvel & Iron Man.

3. Where can you find an Ian? I don't know, but when you do, let me know because I might trade my boyfriend in for one. ;)

4. I'm so glad that a lot of you think this book was realistic, because I blindly wrote it with no insight on how it is to feel the way Annie did, or even Ian. I just have an overactive imagination and I'm glad it comes through in a way that you enjoy reading and find realistic instead of total crap. 

5. Also, shoutout to @Anerdwithobsessions, @lonelyblujay, @RedMonster1234, @HighMountain11, @casper123ghost, &  for always reading, voting, & commenting on these chapters almost seconds after they were published! 

Again, thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it & hope you read my other stories. :)

Such as: 

Stay With Me is the story I am currently working on

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Stay With Me is the story I am currently working on. The first 10 chapters are already published and more to come soon! 

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