Chapter 2

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It's from here on that it doesn't follow the shows plot. But it's season four now.... Btw it's kinda ang sty at the beginning..... So. Bye!!!

Your POV:
I sigh as I sit in my room. I'm usually in my room, or training when everyone was asleep. It was rare for them to need the White Lion and myself on the battle field anymore. But that didn't stop Katie from visiting me. I've stopped myself from calling her Pidge due to memories. I only called her the nickname unless I was in a really happy mood. You may be wondering why I've isolated myself?? Well, I guess because of what happened about nine months ago. I had knock Lance out of the way of beam and was captured by the Galra. It took a month to escape with Snow. I spent four days in space locating where the castle was and to heal in my pod in Snow. When I landed in my hanger I had scars that weren't visible. The only one visible when wearing get my paladin armour was a gash running from my left eyebrow to my neck. Just missing my eye. The team yelled at me for such a recluse act and won't let me out unless I was absolutely needed. But to be honest. I think everyone but Katie has forgotten about me since I haven't been needed since that night. And Pidge usually brings me food an hour after each meal. But there was also Coran. Sometimes I would help him during late at night, when everyone was asleep. It was roughly the middle of the day on a planet I don't the name of and the other Paladins were meeting fans. When a little girl with black and white fur and matching ears and tail. She was adorable. But what shocked me was she was looking past the Paladins as if looking for someone. I was watching live from Katie's helmet. She asked one question while holding a picture to her chest. "Excuse me." She says Shiro, who has regained the role as The Black Paladin. "Yes?" Shiro ask kneeling down. "Where is she??" Is what the girl responds with. "Where is who??" Allura ask kneeling down as well. By now everyone was silent and watching. "(y/n), The White Paladin. Where is she??" The girl ask tilting her head. Whispers break out amongst the crowd. Katie says to come down to me. As the other Paladins are silent. I get dressed into my paladin armour and run down to my lions hangar. I get into Snow. "Hey girl, been a while." I say with the intercom off. Snow purrs back at me. I fly over the crowd to where the others lions are. I land Snow down next to Blue and exit. Pulling off my helmet I give a sheepish smile. "Sorry I'm late! Had to run an errand." I say rubbing the back of my neck. Katie smiles at me as the girl runs over and hugs me, hugging my legs. Then it clicks. This is the girl I had saved during a scouting mission. Her name was Kasandra. I kneel down and rub her head. "Hey there. Been a while hasn't it?" I say giving a smile. I can feel all eyes on me. "Can you sign this for me??" Kasandra ask showing a picture of me. "Of course." I say. She hands me a pen. 'Stay sweet and don't change for anyone but yourself! ~(y/n)' I write in cursive writing as her Mum comes up, the queen. "Thank you for saving her." She says as I stand. "It's no problem, really, as a Paladin on Team Voltron. It my job to protect the innocent. And hopefully we can have you on our side of this fight, your majesty." I say. "Well, we hope to do what we can in this war." She says sticking her hand out. To which I shake and the crowd erupts in cheers.

I wake up a sweat. If only that happened. Here I've been sitting, for nine months. Yeah, I saved the girl. But Allura took the credit. When I came back from the toucher everyone forgot I existed. I spend my nights getting food, working on technology and fighting. It was only a few days ago that the little girl was looking for someone. But for Allura instead. I just imagined myself in her place. When someone did ask about me, or The White Paladin as I'm known as, they say I left in order to help my planet. But in the end they don't even remember. My room, I moved rooms during one night to part of the castle that no one came to. It had a normal pool, another training room, rooms, a bedroom with one wall a window into outer space. That was my room. And a kitchen. No one ever came to this part of the castle. The training room had a REALLY high roof as well. So I flew around it often. There was one or two times the mice came so I hide in the shadows easily with my wings. I managed to make a phone that didn't die and backed everything from my earth phone onto it. I sigh as I look at the time on my phone. It was midnight in earth time. "Better go train." I say picking up my Bayard. I walk out of my room and into the pitch black hallway. My eyes had adjusted to the lightless halls easily, having stayed in them for so long, and I walked towards the training room. Once I enter the room I go to the seats. I pull off my hoodie and then my gloves. My wings poof out and my arms are bare to see. Trailing up my arms were galaxies, yes galaxies. With stars and solar systems. "Start training level nine." I call out to the room as it lights up. I do my training and head to the kitchen and eat. I sigh, what I would do to escape this emptiness.

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