Chapter- 1

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Dimitri Stefanovich Kaverin sat on a stool facing his best friend slash co-worker, Tyler Moore, in a cheap bar drinking cheap beer and ranting on and on and on about how his mother was blackmailing him into marrying someone soon.

From what Tyler had gathered from his best friend's angry rant was that Valéry, Dimitri's mother, a women he knew better than to mess with, was hounding him to marry someone for at least two months now.

Though Dmitri, being the stubborn brat that he was, had paid no heed to his mother's requests and had continued to go about his life as he usually did.

After two months of listening to his pathetic excuses for not wanting to marry, Valéry thought that she'd had enough. So the fiery red head went ahead and gave him an ultimatum.

The ultimatum was that if Dmitri didn't marry a girl within the next two months, she would give the whole company away to charity- charity!- and this was the same company Dimitri had worked his ass off for the last six years to take it to the heights it was at today. It was the same company that Dimitri was supposed to inherit in a few weeks time.

".....and she won't fucking listen to me no matter what I say. How can she do this to her own son, dammit! Her own flesh and blood! I swear that woman is going to be the death of me. I've already talked about this to Samantha but she said that she's signed a six month contract and if she so much as mentioned the word quit, the production company will sue her. She can't marry me for the next five months! Five damn months! Fuck! I'm screwed man! I'm royally screwed!" Dimitri stopped to breathe and gulped down the rest of his beer.

Ah, Tyler had almost forgotten about his best friend's "girlfriend", Samantha Gage, a tall, beautiful, seductive and sexy as sin model.

Dimitri and Samantha had been in a relationship for almost a year now but because the paparazzi had a nasty habit of making Samantha's and Dimitri's private life public, seeing as they both were pretty successful in their field of work, they both had kept their relationship a secret. How they had managed to do that was beyond Tyler but that was just the way it was.

Tyler didn't specifically like Samantha. It wasn't that he held a grudge over the girl or anything but there was just something about the way she behaved whenever he was around that didn't sit well with him.

But he didn't say any of that to Dimitri.

Instead, he laid a heavy hand on his friend's shoulder and said, "Man, I think you should marry someone. No offense there but Valéry is stubborn as fuck and you and I both know that she can, and she will give away the company if you don't do as she says."

"None taken man, and I know that she'd hold true to her threat if I don't do as she says." Dimitri muttered.

Tyler didn't say anything after that as he let Dimitri think things through. He knew his friend well enough to know that he would come up with something or the other to get himself out of this mess and in case Dimitri couldn't, he was always there.

Dimitri knew that his mum would follow through with her threat if he didn't find a girl and marry soon enough, even if it was just to prove her point.

He understood pretty well where his mother was coming from. Dimitri was twenty seven, almost twenty eight now, and he hadn't had a serious relationship with a girl since high school or at least that was what his mum thought.

She was worried about her son, it was as simple as that. The last time she had come to see him at his pent house apartment, she had said that he was missing a female's touch at his place and that observation was all it took for her to say that he should get married.

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