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I placed a kiss on the rose -admiring it before putting it on the head stone of the one and only 'shawn mendes'. Yes the most popular boy in school- he was the captin of the hockey and soccer team, my boyfriend or should i say my decreased boyfriend.

"Ok students as you know the hockey and soccer final game is today as our beloved class mate shawn peter raul mendes captin of both teams has recently passed away i would like you all to bring a rose Thankyou of you go i will see you all tonight"the principal said

"Y/n please stay a moment " he asked "i know its hard for you to say good bye to him , he really is going to be missed and he was a great guy probly one of the sweetest guys i know im glad you picked this day he would be soo glad you really did know his love for sport i hope i see you at the game for the speach it would mean alot" i nodded before walking of.

I jumped in my car heading to the school- with tears pouring out my eyes , i miss him to much i cant -its my fault i should have never told him to leave.

~Flash back~

"Why did you flirt with amber you know shes my worst enemy but noo you were about to kiss if i didnt come over to the table"i shout at shawn "chill out babe"he said taking me into his chest "dont babe me get out my house"i shout pushing him away "no" he stand "get out"i shout he walks to the door befor he walks out he said "i will be back i will let you calm down but i will be back tonight" but that was the last thing i heard him say

~end of flashback~

I soon pulled up out sind the school , walking into reception which was selling roses , i brought one and went to the feild- i sat on the front row waiting for the game to star. 2 hours later we had won

We had yet to win the hockey game we all went into the ice building after the match had finished. We had one 2 mtches and everyone was ecstatic "can we have y/n. Y/l/n up to the podium please" the coach called

I walked up to the podium with my hands shaking "hello as you know our recent friend has passed away, shawn he would be sooo proud of you all today you all knew how much sports ment to him he put his life and heart into it not to mention his music he was obsessed, he was such a loving boyfriend/freind /bestfreind and boy" i took a moment to breath as tears were spilling out my eyes.

"He didnt have a bad bone in his body he was such an amzing person i loved him very much shawn always said these to quote and i would like to hare them 'when you fall asleep tonight just remember that we lay under the same starts' but now he is the star and he is looking down on us and he used 'changing isnt a bad. Thing it never was but at the end of the day your the same person and where your heart is that dosnt chage'" i sigh pulling out the rose holding it up

Which causes the whole crowd to and thats when tears where now pouring as shawns song plays 'never be alone' and the whole crowd sing" take a piece of my heart and make it all your own soo when we are a part you will never be alone" they all sang

"Goodbye shawn"they all say throwing there roses in the air and letting of balloons


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