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Mia's POV

I just left the boys' house and i am walking home now. I know we live right next door to each other, but I walked very slow, so it took me like five minutes. Well that's also due to the fact that the front yards are fairly large.

Thank god my mom and dad won't be back home for an hour, that means a get some peace and quiet.

That's what i thought until i walked in the door...

"Mom... uh you're home already?" i said standing frozen in front of the door.

"Oh don't play that game with me! Where were you?!?" My mom asked. Oh god she's really mad.

"I was next door helping the new neighbors, like you told me to." i said realizing that she shouldn't be mad for something she told me to do.

"I said go over and help them unpack, not go over there and stay there with four teenage boys until almost 11:30 pm!" At this point my mom was screaming and if this were a cartoon, her face would be as red as a tomato with steam coming out of her ears.

"Mom! It's no big deal I helped them unpack then we hung out, that's it. They're really nice guys, just chill out!" i yelled back. All of this yelling was giving me a major headache.

"No big deal? Are you serious? You probably slept with one of them. That's why you're home so late! I know you did!" She continued yelling. I can't believe she thinks i slept with someone i just met. I am so mad.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU THINK I WOULD SLEEP WITH SOMEONE I JUST MET????!!!!???? You know how sensitive I am about guys, especially with everything that has happened in the past. Why would you say that?" i was beyond mad at this point.

"Yes i do Know that and you will not go over to that house any more. Do you understand? Go up to your room now." she lowered her voice a little, but i was still mad.

"I'll go over there as much as i want. I am not gonna get over the fact that you think i slept with one of them." i said standing my ground. "What do you think i am, some kind of slut?" i asked getting even more angry.

"I don't know what to think of you right now, but i do know that i will not have a slut living in this house, and i will also not have this 'slut' ruining the reputation i have worked to build." my mom said. 

"Well there's already someone ruining our reputation and she is a stuck up snob." i said starting to walk to my room. But i was topped by my mom pulling my arm.


"What are you gonna do about it?" i asked with a small smirk on my face. I know she won't do anything too drastic. She wouldn't want to ruin her 'reputation'.

"Well I suspect that you and your belongings will be out of this house by 8am." She said and that sentence basically slapped the smirk right of my face. Was she kidding?"

"Are you kidding? You can't be serious." i said. Tears were starting to form in my eyes.

"You can't kick me out, I'm your daughter! You're not serious!"

"No i am serious, you do not get to be disrespectful and slutty and live in a nice house." she was serious. *gulp*

With that i went into my room and started to cry and cry and cry. I was getting kicked out. And it was because of something my mom thought i did. I am not even 18 yet. Where would I go? The only realtive i have in this state is my gramma. I can't stay with her, she is exactly like my mom, stuck up and perfect. I couldn't handle that.

At this point reality kicked in and i started packing because i need to get to bed if i have to wake up at 8. How did all of this happen in one day? I went from being lonely to happy to completely devastated. With that thought still in my head i fell asleep on my bed, in this room, in this house for the last time.

Tomorrow will be dreadful.

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