Chapter Two

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Eren followed Jean and the others to a car park nearby. All of the cars, except two, were old and empty. A couple even had corpses in them, but they seemed motionless. The two cars that didn't look wrecked were parked in the centre of the car park. Eren assumes that they belonged to Jean's group.

Levi, the leader, cleared his throat before speaking. "Alright, I'll take Jean and the kid. Erwin you take Petra and Hanji." He ordered, turning to a tall blond man. Erwin had rather large eyebrows and a very defined face. His eyebrows looked very comical on his pale face. "Okay," was all that Erwin said as a reply before he climbed into one of the cars. Both cars were large, four-by-four cars. The one Erwin went in was black while the one remaining was a silver colour. Surprisingly, both were pristine, not one speck of dirt or blood on either of the clean surfaces. It was a strange sight for Eren.

"Come on then." Levi told Eren and Jean while slightly irritated. The leader hopped on the front seat and slammed the door, fumbling for his keys. Eren climbed into the back seat, noticing a thin layer of plastic covering the seats. He thought nothing of it and sat down, looking down at his blood covered hands. He put his axe down on his lap. Eren sighed and glanced out of the window, seeing those monsters that turned his whole life upside down. The creatures roamed around mindlessly, making low groaning noises. Eren narrowed his eyes in anger, wanting to slaughter each and every roaming killer out there. The car started and Levi drove off, following the black car that Erwin drove.

"So, brat?" Levi started, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. Eren hummed in response, both meeting each others stare in the car mirror. "What's your name?" The man asked, turning his car onto the highway. It was completely deserted except for a couple bodies that lay lifeless on the concrete ground.

"It's Eren, Jaeger." The brunette confirmed with a small, polite smile. Levi didn't seem like the kind of person Eren should mess with, Levi probably wouldn't spare him. "I'm Levi." The man introduced himself. "Tell us about yourself, how you got here." Jean chimed in, staring at Eren. Eren was literally covered in blood from head to toe.

Eren exhaled deeply and stared out of the car window. "Okay..." He mumbled, feeling a bit hesitant. He was thinking of how to explain his story so far. "It's not that long, or exciting." He added with a shrug. "Just get on with it." Levi snapped impatiently. Jean gave a short chuckle and stared at Eren, waiting for the teen to begin.

"Well when... this, first kicked off... I was with my two friends. Armin and Mikasa. We were out at the time, at a nearby park only a street away from my house. When we ran back, my house was covered in blood and my mother she... they got her. We ended up staying in an apartment building after that, living off of what we could find for a couple months. We started raiding towns, then they got my friends too." Eren told them, trying not to reimagine the memories in his head. He fiddled with the axe on his lap.

Levi gave him a small nod and sighed through his nose, concentrating on the road. Jean was frowning a little, looking at Eren. "Be glad you can avenge them Eren, you still have the chance." Jean tried to be positive. Eren gave him a slight nod and leaned against the car door. "So where are we going?" He asked, attempting to change the subject.

The driver replied to him. "Well we are going to a small, gated off town we live in. It's safe, its surrounded by large, stone walls. There's only a few houses, around six. They are rather large. The rest of the land is used for farming." Levi explained, following the black car off the highway and onto a smaller road.

"Not everyone gets in though. Levi only lets people in who have a small chance of surviving on their own. So there's older people and mothers with young kids. He's a big softie though." Jean whispered the last part, giving a small smirk. "But then, why did you take me in?" Eren asked with furrowed brows. "Because we can take you into the elite squad, us. We are like the protectors, we go out and hunt and raid places." Jean answered as the car pulled out in front of a large gate. There were people on top of the wall ready to pull up the gate.

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