Chapter 34

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"What are we watching?" I ask curiously as Nash wraps his arm around my shoulders pulling me to lean against him, as if it is the most normal thing in the world.

"The birthday girl's favourite thing" Jack J says "Apart from me of course" He adds, winking.

"Dance Moms?" I ask, even though I already know the answer.

Matt sits down on the other side of me, lifting my legs onto his lap. I look at him confused but he stares straight ahead, waiting for the show to start. I watch Amy glare at Matt and then turn her focus to me, I smile sweetly and turn to look at the TV. Nash, Matt and I all bounce up slightly when she throws herself onto the sofa beside Matt. I can't help but giggle, causing yet another glare in my direction.

The show starts. I turn to Matt to thank him for all of this but it seems like he is a little bit busy. Amy has her head resting on his shoulder. She's trying to make me jealous, well it's not going to work. Not this time. Not by using Matt.

Matt tenses up and slides my legs off of him to stand up.

"Do you want a drink Sky?" He asks looking down on me.

"Umm Yea-"

"I'd love a drink Matt" Amy interrupts

"I wasn't asking you" He shoots

"But Mattie" She stands up to his level and rubs her hands across his chest.

"Amy. Stop" He says taking her hands, throwing them to her sides. He turns his back on her and walks to the kitchen.

She sighs and sits down next to Taylor. She whispers something in his ear and he whispers something back in hers. She sighs and stands up, she scans around the room until her eyes land on Nash and I. She smirks and pulls her top down a bit- showing a lot of cleavage. Why am I even friends with her?

"Nash? Can you give me a hand with something?" She says sauntering over.

"Er sure" He laughs getting up. I'm not sure why he laughed to be honest. They leave as soon as Matt comes walking back in, his eyes glued to the TV.

"What is this Miss Abby's problem? Does she get off on bullying kids or something?" He says. making me laugh. "What?"

"You're really getting into this aren't you?"

"Yeah! I can see why you're obsessed with it now" He sits back down handing me a glass full of Dr Pepper. My favourite.

"How did you know?" I say gesturing to the cup in my hand.

"You have like 6 2litre bottles in your kitchen, I guessed." He pulls my legs back on his lap. We watch in silence for 10 minutes until Hayes speaks up.

"What are they doing out there?"

"I'll go look" I offer

"I wanna come" Jack J chimes

"Same" Each of the other boys says simultaneously. I pause the TV and we all stand and walk in the direction that Amy and Nash left.

We walk upstairs, searching for the missing people. We search every room excpet mine. I take a deep breath and open the door.

"What the?" I say shocked

"Sky!" Nash says pushing Amy off of him, pulling his pants up. They were previously, doing the nasty on my bed.

"So first you sleep with Matt, then Shawn, then Carter, then Matt again, then you try it on with Taylor and now Nash?" I spit at Amy. She turns over, looking very pleased with herself.

"I'm just giving them what you never will" She smirks "You're not exactly amazing in bed are you?"

"And how would you know?"

"I have my sources"

"Well I find that hillarious because I've never even had sex"

"Exactly, people are pushed away because of your butters face. Hasn't anyone ever told you that less is more? I mean lay off the chocolate man"

"Whatever" I say "I thought you were my best friend" I say

"Maybe you thought wrong"

"I wasn't talking to you" I say turning you focus to Nash.

"Sky! I am your best friend"

"No. You really aren't." I say storming out.

I make my way downstairs and slump onto the sofa. I take my phone and call Jack J, who is stood upstairs probably congratulating Nash on 'getting some action'. He's the only one who's close to me that Amy hasn't tried it on with.


"Will you come for a walk with me?

"Er sure"

"Can you bring me a jumper or something?"

"Okay babe" He says before hanging up. Moments later he slumps onto the sofa next to me, handing my his tye dye sweatshirt he gave to me when we left Magcon. He links his fingers with mine and pulls me up. I follow him to the door, our fingers still intertwined.


"What's up?" He says when we pass Taylor's house.

"I thought I'd be used to it by now" I say "Whenever I show an interest in something she always has to ruin it."


"She's out to ruin my life"

"I doubt that Sky"

"You saw how she went to Matt, then Taylor and then when they weren't interested, she went onto Nash. Literally"

"Yeah I see what you mean" He tightens his grip "She hasn't ruined me"


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