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"it was sort of on a whim that i bought the ring," luke began as he settled beside lola on his sofa, mug of tea curled in hand, "but i knew i'd wanted it for a while. we were in paris on the tour obviously and walked past a jewellers — this one ring caught my eye and i knew it was perfect."

lola couldn't help but smile, biting her lip and nodding so luke would continue.

"it's gorgeous and i thought the timing would be perfect... i wanted it to be special."

"but what was it, luke? why on earth did you break up with me if you were so intent on proposing to me?" luke's heart stopped for a second as he saw lola welling up with tears ever so slightly.

"please don't cry baby — please. i'm so sorry for hurting you and even i don't really know why i did. management were pressuring me to propose when the album came out for, like, promo? they were making me so uncomfortable and frustrated and treating our relationship like some kind of tool for the band— i didn't want that."

"then why did you not just propose when you planned to? why didn't you just say fuck you and put us first?"

"it wasn't as easy as that lola! they were threatening me with it, or they'd drop us because 'it'd been long enough so we'd lost enough fans anyway' so i panicked. i couldn't let the boys down and now i feel like a fucking idiot because i let you down instead. four years down the drain for a career i'd still have kept with you by my side."

lola didn't know what to say. she'd never have let him jeopardise is career for her, not really. she loved him too much and valued his success too much. she wanted the best for him and she could see his perspective though she half didn't want to be so forgiving so easily.

luke took her silence as a bad sign and opted to slightly change the topic, "did you really mean what you said? — on the voicemail you left?"

"of course i did, luke, you know that," lola rubbed her thumb over luke's hand as she placed hers on top of his and continued, "i was hopelessly in love with you and — to be honest — desperate for you to ask." she blushed.

luke beamed, "i should've taken the opportunity and made you my wife," he paused and frowned, "but instead i fucked things up and i lost you."

"but i'm here now luke and you're not going to lose me again. i love you, okay? and someday we will get married. i promise."

luke smiled, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to lola's lips. she responded quickly, cupping his cheek and returning the kiss. they pulled away, foreheads pressed together as their eyes met intently.

"i love you, lola. i'm sorry for all this mess i've put you through. i wanted your happiness from the start but i'm the reason you lost it."

lola kissed him briefly again, "but you're also my only really source of it — and i've got you back now, so you've nothing to apologise for anymore baby. i love you."

lola and luke curled up beside each other on the sofa, lola's head on luke's chest as he twirled her hair round his fingers.

"god i've missed holding you like this, princess."

the reasoning is awful and didn't make sense but i completely forgot what my original plan was ffs so had to bullshit rip love u all xx

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