That Girl ~ 1 ~

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Chapter 1

It's dark, I can't see anything. I can't move mainly because I'm tied down. I try to scream but I can't, and even if I could I doubt anyone would hear me. Two large men give me a shot, probably some sort of sedative so I don't put up a fight. After what felt like ten minutes later the two men came back and untied me. I try to run and kick anything to get away but I'm paralyzed, the sedatives must have kicked in already. Now I'm being carried over to a big sound proof door. I know what's waiting on the other side; a pristine white room with padding so thick that if I wanted to hurt myself I couldn't. This is where I would spend the rest of my life being observed through tiny cameras that I can't see. Once I'm inside there is no escape.

The two men put a white jacket over my arms. I want to rip the jacket off and scream "I'm not crazy!" but the only part of me that can move is my finger and it only moves in a quick jerky motion. The jacket the men put on me is a straight jacket, I lay there unable to move as they slowly fasten it. Once I can move again I won't be able to harm anyone, including myself. Death is no longer an option. They tighten the jacket around me; my arms are permanently hugging me.

The two men finally lay me down on my own and move towards the big, heavy door at the end of the hall. One by one they unlock every single lock. After what seemed like an eternity to me they opened the door. The two men came back for me, picked me up and brought me into the room. Once they had me in the room they carefully propped me up against a wall.

The room looks exactly like what I thought it would look like with all of the padding and everything. Once they set me down they gave me some water. It feels incredible as it runs down my throat. Now I could scream, and that's exactly what I did as I sat there watching them retreat towards the door.

"You can't do this to me! I'm not crazy!" I screamed at them as they closed the door. With the sound of each lock clicking into place, my screams got louder I knew who ever was watching me through the invisible cameras could hear me. "You can't lock me away forever! One day I will escape and when I do you will pay!"

* * *

My eyes shot open, terrified. I was alone in my room lying in my bed not at an insane asylum. It was only a nightmare. I had been getting them ever since I was a little girl, but they never came that often. This was the first one in over a year.

To make sure I was really in my room I got up and walked around. The room was definitely mine or at least it looked exactly like mine did. The room was dark but I could faintly make out the blue and grey colours of my wall. I could also see the outline of my desk in the corner of my room that held my cell phone, laptop, and my kindle. I could see my bookshelves that not only held many romance, mystery, and fantasy novels but also pictures of me and my family. I could also see my queen sized, canopy bed with blue sheets that reminded me of the ocean. As I continued to walk across my sand coloured carpet that matched my sheets to investigate the rest of my room my mind started to drift off towards my past.

* * *

The memory I thought of now was my fifth birthday party. Everything was wonderful that day. The party was in my dad's backyard, and we even had the kiddy pool blown up. I loved that kiddy pool; it was green and yellow and looked so cheerful. It even had a slide built into it. My cousins were everywhere playing with my various toys. I was playing with one of my friends when my dad came over and said it was time for cake. I was excited that my step mom Andrea and my dad had planned this party for me as a surprise so I had no idea what the cake looked like. I could not wait to make my wish and blow out my candles off my mystery cake.

As my dad took me inside our big kitchen that was all different shades of brown I couldn't help but get even more excited than I already was. My family smiled at me as I took my seat at the table. As "Happy Birthday" started all I could think about was my mystery cake.

As my step mom walked through the crowd to set my cake down in front of my all I could do was stare. The cake was absolutely perfect. It was a Barbie doll cake and the actual cake was her dress. On the last line of "Happy Birthday" I took a deep breath and blew out all 5 of my candles. After I blew out my candles my step mom took them all out of the cake and then she took out the Barbie.

This is where my happy memory turns into a bad one.

As she pulled the Barbie out of the cake I was expecting to be able to play with her, but after Andrea pulled her out of the cake I saw it was only half a Barbie.

* * *

As the memory of how terrified I was started to fade I couldn't help but feel silly. Even to this day I can't manage to wrap my mind around how seeing that scared me so much when I was little.

After I thought about it for about five minutes I realized I had made my way towards my bed again. I wasn't on my bed though; I was kneeling next to it looking at the secret compartment right under my bed where I kept a secret photo of my dad.

Nobody not even me knew at the time but my dad would one day be the reason all my nightmares came true.

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