This chapter contains content that may be disturbing to some readers. Graphic violence, torture and sexual assault are mentioned as a means to tell the story. Please be aware before moving on.


I was early to work, mainly because I wanted to get out of the apartment. I still felt embarrassed over drinking so much and didn't really want to face my roommates, I wasn't sure who saw what besides Bucky. To have a grown man take care of my sloppy drunk ass was humiliating. I wasn't even supposed to work the day after the party, but a coworker texted me in the morning begging me to work for her and it was a perfect way to avoid the prior evening.

When I walked down the hallway at work, a staff meeting was going on and my boss was standing there, looking pretty serious. 

"Gabe, gonna need you for this meeting, too.", he said seriously.

Leo wasn't typically this serious, but when he was, I knew it was must have big, so I got a bit anxious. I was thinking it was most likely some sort of drama with scheduling or a patient and he was just going to tell us all our shifts were changing. He stood there talking about nonsense and all the other techs were standing there quietly, I felt like I must have missed something because I wasn't hearing anything major, but then he paused.

"Alright, there's been some major mistakes made lately in intake and we need to pick up the slack. I know you guys hate this, but we gotta get charts completely reexamined and refiled. Apparently, outpatient intake and notes were compromised and we're gonna have to work old school so I need you all to pull extra weight tonight and the rest of this week until I say otherwise...this means EVERYONE has to refile and enter all patient info into the EMR again.", he said while looking at notes on a clipboard.

Everyone groaned because this meant not only regular intake and patient care, but refiling every single patient we had in the beds and all the new ones coming in plus the outpatient intake. This happened before, years ago when a disgruntled employee decided it was a good idea to use their employee account to leak patient information all over the internet. He was arrested of course and the entire hospital system was reconfigured to be more locked down than Alcatraz, but apparently they didn't do enough..I mean even a few guys escaped from that place too.

Leo finished his speech and delving out tasks and dismissed us and I just made my way quietly to intake. The rest of the techs stayed behind to whine about how unfair the situation was. I hated it, but life is unfair, at least that's what my Mother always told me when I complained about anything, no matter how serious it was. I chugged the cold coffee I brought with me and prepared for a long night, I was regretting switching shifts with the new girl after all.

 I chugged the cold coffee I brought with me and prepared for a long night, I was regretting switching shifts with the new girl after all

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It had been hours and I was still thumbing through charts. The thin ones were my favorite, I could get those done fast and so far I hadn't found any large charts. The large ones typically meant I'd be there all night just reading boring medical reports and typing until my fingers were on fire. The music playing over the sound system was the usual elevator music and tonight it was turned up louder making it easier to drown out Brenda's insane typing. 

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