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I'm tired of hearing about the grammar ok. I get it. But each ch has like over a thousand words and some times no matter how many times I put go through and check it it still fucking has flaws. So before you read and bitch about the grammar I'm going to tell you do not comment because it does nothing. thanks for reading. This book wasn't really that serious and I've got better things to do than revise a Wattpad book. Cool? Cool.


So since some titty sucking little kid got pissed I'm put another disclaimer on this because I thought anyone old enough to have unsupervised access to this app would be old enough to click away from something they didn't like, but seeing as this three brain celled person who is having a fucking spaz attack after 'skimming the first chapter and looking at the tags it has on it.' Was able to get on here, I'm going to put this here.

this isn't a romance, this isn't a love story or fetishize abuse or anything of the sort. But I'm sure if you read all of it, you'll see that. If you have a problem with something I fucking write, come message me to clear something up, or leave. But don't comment on the whole aspect if you haven't fully read it looking like a dumb fuck. Thank you for the read.

Hello I took this disclaimer down because it wasn't necessary but I guess it still is.

If you come into my story and you act like a piece of shit. Or if you do things after I've warned you to stop. Or give off any vibe of being a douche. I'm not going to hold but I'm being a total fucking asshole. Don't like it don't comment stupid unnecessary shit. Thank you enjoy reading.

Another authors note: I'm a guy lmao, like I see people comment "yas queen" "go off sis" but I'm a whole dude I know no one thinks to look in my bio and that's chill so imma just leave this here.

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