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Trisha slowly wakes up and notices she was tied up in a tree

Trisha: w-what the-

Trisha then saw Hannah on the ground looking up at her

Hannah: oh good your awake

Trisha: Hannah...what's going on?

Hannah didn't respond but instead was taking tools and weapons out of her bag

Trisha: H-Hannah?!

Hannah: you know were my best friend...and I wish you were still my best friend

Hannah then takes a chainsaw out

Hannah: but...things have to end like this

Trisha: w-what are you talking about?!

Hannah smiles

Hannah: you know I'm a big fan of horror and myths

Trisha: I-I didn't know that...since when?

Hannah: for a long time...even before, I met all of you

Trisha: but...that doesn't explain why you're doing this

Hannah: well you parents will always be talking about the myth of Jackie Voorhees and they believe in her...and so did I

Trisha: wait...did you brought us here just so you can let us get killed?

Hannah: ...Yes...

This made Trisha froze

Trisha: no...your lying...YOU'RE LYING, HOW COULD YOU?!

Hannah: What, It's my duty to impress Jackie Voorhees!

Trisha: listen to're need help!

Hannah: I don't need help...this world needs help

Trisha: what?

Hannah: this stupid a waste...but that all change...when I met her...

Trisha: so you knew about Jackie Voorhees the entire time

Hannah: yeah...and after my parents died...I decided to go to Jackie...but I couldn't find her...but then soon, she came to me...and I was so happy...that I will do anything for her

Trisha: you're insane...YOUR BLOODY INSANE!!!

Hannah: oh just shut up

Hannah throws a knife at Trisha but misses

Hannah: were lucky

Trisha: you're going to burn for this...

Hannah: then I got the great weapon to use!

Hannah takes out a fire gun

Trisha: n-no!

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