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Seventh Chapter

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 Che slowly ran the razor over my head

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Che slowly ran the razor over my head. His own hair was hanging wet around his face and even rested on his bare shoulders. It had grown so much. I reached back and twirled a lock around my fingers. Che gently removed my hand, brought it to his lips and then finished up his work on my hair.

"There," he said softly.

"Feels a lot better," I said and ran my hand over my head, removing the rest of my cut off hair. Che kissed the top of my head.

"Looks better too." His voice was so soft I wanted to curl up with it. I rose from the chair I had been sitting on, wanting to get a little lost in him but stopped and cringed. My arm was killing me.

"Okay, enough. Doctor, now." Che said promptly.

I was left with no other option, but to see the bloody doctor.

My dad was in the living room, waiting with him. Both of them rose from their seats when we entered. It was all very brown inside of the house too. The leather furniture, even the lampshades, were brown. It looked very dull and old. Kind of smelled old too. Iwasn't complaining, though. I was warm, clean and bald again.

"You look better," Dad said and nodded approvingly at Che.

"Got him to shower," Che said and got me to sit down on the couch.

"Nathan, this is my friend. Dr Lau. He's going to check on you."

I nodded.

"I'm going to try and make it as painless as possible."

My dad nodded and muttered an 'I'll leave you to it' and left the living room. Dr Lau sat down on the coffee table in front of me and smiled calmly at me. I avoided his gaze and just held my arm out to him.

"I think it's broken," I muttered. He gently took my arm in his hands and moved my wrist. I groaned and pulled my arm back.

"I think it's broken too, but the bones don't seem to be out of place. I would like to x-ray it, but I guess getting you to a hospital won't be possible."

"Probably not," I muttered and cringed when he poked my arm.

He moved on to the wounds on my face, but none of them was very serious. Apparently, Birdie and I had been extremely lucky. Che wrote it off as Birdie's car being very well built for accidents like that. I wouldn't know.

Dr Lau put a splint on my arm and told me to not move it too much. I was not sure how I was going to relax with all this shit going on around me. Dr Lau left after trying to give me some painkillers, and me denying to take them.

There was a lot I was supposed to do, but as I found myself and Che alone in the living room, I pulled him down on the couch to me and crawled into his lap.

"Hey," he murmured and smiled at me.

"Hey." I kissed him. Savoured the taste of him, as I slowly stroked my thumb over his cheek. "I missed you," I whispered. Che put his arms around me and pressed me to him.

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