"I watched a special tournament where new trainers battled with only his Pokémon on a special broadcast," I state. "I never came to Alola."

"Oh," My second child says. "Do you have footage of the battles?" His eyes light up in excitement. He still idolizes Ash but why would he say Ash is a pathetic trainer?

"I'll try to get some for you bud," I laugh. "Question, why would you betray Ash if you still idolize him?"

He sighs heavily before answering. "May promised me that I would get all of Ash's Pokemon if I helped her and the others convince Ash to give up."

"I didn't want to lose the chance to become such a strong trainer right at the start. It would've made me look like a prodigy and get me a gym," He continues.

"You know that's no way to become a good trainer," I state the obvious. "Always remember that it's okay to get help accomplishing your dream but you want to be able to say that it was MY hard work and MY Pokémon that get you there."

"I got that," Max frowns. "Except I got it too late."

"That can't be all of it," I say. "I know that even the prospect of getting some the best trained Pokémon wouldn't overpower the respect you have for Ash."

"I—was-...." He mumbles.

"I didn't hear the last part," I say.

"Scared," He finishes.

"Of your sister?" I question. "Because I think a lot of people are now."

"No, well a little bit because she's a bully," Max answers. "But I was scared to take the small side."

"It was easier to take the side against Ash because the numbers were in their favour," He sighs. "I didn't think Ash would get out of it. It was all of us versus him... And Bonnie who is braver than me since she didn't care about odds. She had no problem staying with Ash..."

"Didn't you learn that odds don't matter with Ash?" I chuckle lightly. "That kid can pull anything off."

"Except not getting cheated by 'people' in leagues," Max laughs.

"Those 'people' aren't controlling this league though," I state. "This could be Ash's chance."

"I hope he wins," Max smiles. "Because I can't wait to see the look on my sister's face. Her chance at worldwide fame would be gone."

"The winner won't automatically become champion," I remember reading an article about how the Alolan Champion will be crowned. "They also have to prove that they deserve it."

"I bet Ash has already done that," Max says. "It's been way too long since he left through his bedroom window for him to not defeat an evil team."

"Maybe two," I add.

"And maybe a third right now," Max laughs.

"I think that's a bit much," I laugh along with him. It's been way too long since I've had decent quality time with my son.

"Dad we walked up the stairs to the top floor," Max sweat drops. "And I don't even feel tired."

I shrug and we walk out into a spectator area. A few bleachers face a massive room with all different types of biomes. A full length glass wall separates us from the really high training room with a glass roof as well.

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