chapter 7

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The next morning I was awaken by a warm breath on the back of my neck. For a moment I just sat there frozen in fear as I think back to what had happened the past day. Then I remembered....Jack's crying....Hunter coming over with dinner....and then the fear of more abuse. As I went back through my memories I sort of froze in fear at what Hunter is going to say about the things that happened yesterday.

I didn't know what to think so all I did was listen once again to Hunter's steady breathing....that is until my alarm clock went off. Just like before I quickly slammed it off but that wasn't without me falling out of the bed and onto the floor with a thud. For a second I just laid there in pain as my side began to throb. But obviously my loud thud wouldn't be ignored and of course Hunter pops his head over the side of my bed.

"Are you all right down there?" Hunter asks in his morning raspy voice and his bedhead. All I could do was nod and try and stand up. Noticing that I was struggling Hunter climbed out of bed and grabbed my hips to help me steady myself as I stood.

Once I was standing Hunter turned me to face him and stared me in the eyes with a look of concern and sadness. For a while all we did was stand and look at each other before I came to my senses and began to panic.....what is going to happen now that someone knows about Jack and what he does. Now I am always going to be running from him and I don't know what he will do to everyone who tries and saves me...

"Hunter you need to leave right now!!" I whispered yelled at him as I thought about all the different things that could happen if Hunter stayed here, all of them ended with Jack breaking down the door and beating both of us until we were dead...

"What do you mean leave! I am not leaving you here with that man are you crazy!" he replied as he gripped my hand. This action sent warmth running through my body and made me feel safe. But that didn't last for long.

Before we knew it Jack began shouting out my name as he stomped up the stairs and towards my room. For a second I was frozen in fear until I watched as Hunter grabbed a bag and began emptying my clothes into it and grabbing a pair of shoes and a jacket. I couldn't really understand what was happening mainly because I was focused on what Jack was doing...which was currently banging on the other side of the door and beginning to break the door frame with his weight.

For a second I thought I was a goner as I saw the wood begin to splinter and break away from the door, but luckily Hunter took charge in what was going to happen to me. Within seconds Hunter was throwing the bag and extra items out of the window and began to drag me towards the same way.

"Jessica climb out the window." and without even questioning him I did what I was told and I have no idea why. But as soon as I got my footing on the tree outside my window the door to my room was kicked open and an angry Jack began to push the items blocking his path out of his way as if they were as light as a feather.

As this scene unfolded I quickly made my way down the tree and saw that Hunter was following closely up ahead...but so was Jack. By the time both me and Hunter made it down the tree Jack was just getting his footing as he climbed out of the window. Taking the charge Hunter grabbed my stuff and pulled me to his truck that was parked a little down the street and pushed me inside. Within seconds we were flying down the road but not before I saw Jack reach the ground and begin running. Luckily Hunter wasn't afraid of speeding so there was no way Jack was catching up.

For a while Hunter was speeding through traffic lights and stops signs earning him some angry honks and a couple of middle fingers, but by the way Hunter was looking between the road his rear view mirror and me I was pretty sure he didn't really care about traffic laws at the moment.

After a while Hunter began to slow down but was still checking his rear view mirror every so often to make sure we weren't being followed by anyone. I took this time to really stare at the boy who saved my life.  I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that anyone could care about me. It has been so long since I have felt any sort of affection and I am just happy to be feeling something.

Two more turns and a long drive up a drive way we finally arrived at what I guess is Hunter's house. For him to have moved out of the country he sure did bring the country with him. His house was in a wide open field that was covered in bright green grass. In his back yard was a giant red barn that looked just like the stereotypical country barns on t.v. All I could do was say "WOW" as I tried to take everything in.

"Hunter your house is absolutely amazing" I breathed as he walked around to stand in front of me. When I looked at his face all I could see was concern and sadness. Then all the beauty of the place vanished and I was filled with anxiety and fear as I think about what just happened and the fact that Hunter was there to witness it all.

"Jessica, do you want to talk about what happened back there?" the way he said it and looked down at me it took every ounce of strength and will power I had to not just break down and start sobbing into his chest....but I didn't have enough to keep a single tear from sliding down my face.

As quick as it slid down Hunter pulled me to his chest and began to rock me back and forth trying to sooth me, but of course it only made me cry all that much harder. Before I knew it Hunter's shirt was soaked with my tears and my eyes were bone dry. Even after I stopped crying Hunter still held me in his arms and rocked back and forth. 

Gathering enough strength to look into his eyes I slowly looked up onto his face and was confronted by his beautiful, beautiful eyes. For a minute I just stared into them and the next thing I knew his hands were holding my chin and our faces were mere inches away from each other. We both kept inching closer and closer towards each other until finally our lips brushed and we both lost control. 

All of the reserved feelings we were trying to keep locked away just came swooping out of no where and took off as we both started to deepen the kiss. Before long we both needed air and so we had to pull away. As we regained our breath Hunter held his head against mine as he spoke.

"Jessica, I am never letting you go back to that place. I don't care what you think will happen or how much you think I can't handle myself, I will never let you go back to that house again. I promise that I will always be here for you no matter what and you can always count on me." and with that he kissed me once more before hugging me into his chest.

At that moment all I could do was lean into his touch and just snuggle closer to him as I felt a sense of peace and safety that I have been longing for. I just wanted to be near Hunter for the rest of my life, but sadly in the back of my mind I knew that was not going to be possible. No matter where I go or who takes me away from him Jack is always going to find me and he will always take me away no matter who gets in his way. At this point in time I was too happy to bring this up with Hunter but I knew at some point he would need to know.

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