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I tried really hard to force my body to get up, but his warm hand was still trailing over my skin, his thumb moving slightly making my whole body shiver. We were way too close right now. I mean I was straddling him on a toilet seat. I was still only in shorts and a bikini top and he was shirtless. I could feel his bare skin against mine and that should immediately start ringing warning bells.

"Drake, you're high right now." I reminded him, my voice coming out a little more breathless than I intended it to.

There was still the slightest hint of a smile on his lips as his eyes were looking down on my body like he was taking it in, admiring it.

"It's a good feeling. Pop one of those Mexican happy pills and join me why don't you?" he humours, placing his hands on my hips again and pulling me closer to him so our stomachs were pressed up against each other.

His hand trailed to my back, his fingers slipping under the string of my bikini. I arched my back instantly, my body apparently not listening to the voice in my head which was screaming 'Code Red! CODE RED YOU SLUT!'

His hands trailed up to my arms and he wrapped them around his neck before placing them back on my body, this time just above my ass.

"Drake, what are you doing?" my breathing was irrational right now and that was clear as I asked him this.

"Confronting a problem." He instantly replied, his eyes now glued to my neck as he moved his head forward. One of his hands went to my hair, tangling itself into it and gently pulling it so my head tilted back slightly.

My eyes instantly closed as I could feel his breath against my skin, his lips not even making contact yet but I found myself almost biting my bottom lip. I knew I needed to get off of him, I knew he was drugged and I knew this was a BAAD idea, but right now I was freaking high because the decisions I was making were not controlled by me.

They seemed to be controlled by my vagina.

"You can't tell me to stop Mimi..." he breathed against my neck, before his mouth placed a small kiss right on my collarbone "...you told me I needed to confront my problems. So this is me, battling my demons."

His voice was so husky right now it was almost unbearable. Neither of us were thinking right, it was like we were both in a trance. Without meaning to, my hands around his neck brought his face closer, one hand tangling itself into the back of his messy hair. His lips were on my neck again, he placed slow kisses on my skin. I could feel the tip of his tongue touch my skin on my collarbone and I instantly let out a moan.

I felt the smirk against my skin as this gave him leeway to pull my hair a little more so he had more access. His mouth trailed down from my neck to my chest, to the top of my breasts. His hands were clamped on my sides, his thumps brushing the edge of my bikini.


"Drake, you need to stop that." It was meant to be a demand. It came out as a moan.

He instantly pulled his face back nodding "Okay, I'll stop that."

Without a hesitation, using the hand that was knotted in my hair, he pulled me towards him until his lips were covering mine. I was so shocked at first I didn't move, but as I felt his lips move against mine and his hands pulling me closer into him, I found myself kissing him back.

It was like a jolt of electricity was going through my body. I knew I should stop, but the way his lips felt against mine made it near enough impossible to do anything but knot my hands in his hair and pull him closer. I felt the top of his tongue trace my bottom lip and I instantly responded, deepening the kiss.

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