6. puppy

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"OK you're gonna sit on the floor and I'm goning to blind fold you and put something on you and you have to guess what it is." David said recording me.
"No babe! Remember what happened the last time?"
"I know but this one isn't a tarantula I think you'll love this this surprise more."
I sighed and laid on the floor and put a blanket over me.
"Ok here he comes." David said.
"It's a he!?" I yelled even more nervous.
David didn't respond instead I felt something on top of me.
"David!" I yelled feeling it walk closer to my face.
"Ok, take the blindfold off." David said and I slowly took the blindfold off and saw the cutest puppy ever.
"Awwww he's so cute." I lifted my head up more and looked at the cute little puppy petting his fluffy fur.
"I'm guessing he has an owner." I stated after a few minutes i know i would be dissapointed that he was going to a different home.
"Nope he's all yours I bought puppy food and everything he needs." David smiled recording me still.
"What, your kidding arent you?" I looked up at him smiling as if he was joking.
"No he's yours Y/N."
"Babe thank you so much." I started crying and went up and hugged him.
"What are you going to name him?" David asked.

                     1,345,657 likes 1,345 commentsY/U/N: Meet my puppy Duke that David got me, Thanks bby ❤️😍💫

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1,345,657 likes 1,345 comments
Y/U/N: Meet my puppy Duke that David got me, Thanks bby ❤️😍💫

Heathhussar: A new baby in the house!! ❤️
Zane: ^^^^^^
Vanilladingdong: you get your girlfriend a dog before I can 😭 @daviddobrik
Kristenmcatee: AWWW what a cute puppy 😍
Lizakoshy: ^^^^^^
Ernst: cute puppy..
Daviddobrik: your welcome bby 😘☺️💋

*2 years later*
A month after David and I got married we had our very first fight.
"Hey babe how was work today?" David smiled as I walked into the house setting my keys onto the table.
"It was fine I guess." I shrugged.
"What happened?" David set his camera down.
"Nothing I'm just tired." I said and walked over to duke.
"What been going on with you lately, are you on your period or something?" David kinda chuckled but I knew he was serious and that's what kinds set me off even more.
"No david! Maybe it's the fact that I have to do a lot of paperwork because I have a real job and you just sit around recording stuff with your friends!"
"Oh so your saying that my career doesn't pay us enough money."
"See this is the problem, it's always about money ever since we got married!"
"What do you mean?"
"I'm saying that it's never about us anymore it's about that!" I pointed at his camera. "Why isn't it about us anymore?" I said in a slight whisper.
"I don't know I just thought you were happy." David said looking away. I walked up to him wrapping my hands around his.
"I am happy David, these past 4 years have been amazing with you but we need to spend more time together, take duke to the dog park or something, Look at duke even he agrees that we should do that." David and I looked at duke who was tilting his head looking at us. We both chuckled and looked at each other.
"I love you David."
"I love you to Y/N."

*8 years*

I had duke, my husband and two beautiful children but I never thought my life would change forever after that tonight..... but it did.

It was movie night for me duke and David. We put the Kids to bed and went back downstairs to watch a movie.
"I'll go get the popcorn ready." I said and walked into the kitchen grabbing a popcorn bag and a bowl.
I grabbed a bag and went to the microwave and looked at the floor and saw duke laying there.
"Hey duke why aren't you with David?" I crouched down petting him. He started whimpering softly and didn't want to get up. He looked at me with pleading eyes.
"David!" I called out to him and he walked up to me.
"Hey, What's wrong?" He looked at Duke.
"Honey, I think it's time." I looked up at David and back at duke.
"Ok." He looked down a tear falling down his face.
"Lets call everyone and then call the vet to come here. I don't want him getting up because he's in a lot of pain." I said stroking dukes head.

Sorry this was so short I've been so busy and when I made this story my computer glitched and it deleted the whole story and I had to do everything over again (don't worry there will be a part two for this one!!) 😚

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