10.Jealous much?

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I don't like the way he's looking at you
I'm starting to think you want him too
Am i crazy?
Have I lost ya?
Even tho I know you love me can't help it
I turn my cheek music up
And I'm puffing my chest
I'm getting ready to face you
Can't call me obsessed....

I let Nick Jonas voice fill my ears while drumming in the music room, both my arms were very veiny due to it being very hot and playing for so long.
Camila and Shawn have been hanging a lot more often and I'm not handling it so well, I use gym and drumming as an distraction.

Me and Zayn have also been hanging out more, but I know that he's not gonna try anything with me, but it's pissing me off that Camila's so oblivious to Shawn crushing on her.It's Monday lunch and I'm in the music room practising because I didn't feel like eating today."Nice drumming Y/N!" I heard Zayn say to me, I turned around to be met with the older guy and gave him a hug." I'm scared Zayn, I don't wanna lose Camila to Shawn!" I whispered while hugging him "don't worry Y/N she's not gonna leave you,Shawn was trying to talk to her, but she's too busy thinking about you!" I felt a wave of relief as I heard him say that and I shot a smile his way, the only reason Shawn is still hanging out with us is cause he's close with Camila but me and my mates make sure they're never alone together." Now come on let's go get your girl!" Zayn exclaimed.

Camila's POV
I'm totally not listening to a word Shawn is saying I'm looking at him but thinking of something else, I'm thinking of Y/N and where the fuck is she?!?! I need my baby here with me!
I looked behind Shawn and saw her walking with Zayn."Y/N baby!" I shouted as I ran over to her and gave her a massive hug, I wrapped my arms around her neck and my legs around her waist, I hid my face in her neck and whispered "I miss you so much babe I didn't see you in the morning and I got worried," I took in a whiff of her perfume,it smelt like vanilla and Chanel. " I know babe I'm sorry, I was late!" She exclaimed.

We went to sit down at the table and there was only one seat left and it was between me or mila."Oh Camila you can sit on my la-seat you can sit in my seat" Shawn said while giggling.I shot a glare his way, I wanted to piss this guy off, " no its okay Shawn I'll just get another chair" I quickly answered. "Wait babe no its okay I want to sit on your lap" Camila said to me while smiling. "Alright then" I said while sitting down next to Shawn, I put both my hands on Camila's waist and pulled her to sit on my lap "Babyyyy! She exclaimed while giggling.At the corner of my eye I could see Shawn glaring at me and it was making me laugh.

Shawn's POV
That bitch Y/N better get her hands of my girl! I'm gonna kill her, wait until Camila sees my body she'll leave her in a heartbeat.Y/N isn't good enough for her, I'm everyone's type.

I felt Camila's lips on my neck and I turned red instantly." You look so hot today baby," she whispered " your outfit looks hot, but they'd look better on my bedroom floor!" hearing her words and realising how she can change from cute to sexy made me bite my lip. "Yoooo Y/N, you've gone full on red!" Justin shouted. " Aww my baby's gone full on red!" Camila said,I hid my face in her neck. She used her fingers under my chin to attach our lips together she grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer almost as if we weren't close enough. "WOAHHHHH" All our friends shouted as my hand rested on her thigh and one was around her waist. "Jeeze y/s/n!Damn Y/N get some!" I heard Dinah shout with Zayn, I smiled into the kiss and bit her lip.

Camila POV
Fucking hell I want Y/N so badly right now,she's driving me crazy " Hey do guys wanna come to my house tonight?My parents aren't home and we can play truth or dare!" I asked, Y/N smirked at me. "It's a plan!"

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