0.1 | poisoned apples

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"damn that joohwi," gayoung huffed as she walked to the bus stop. "i let her share a room with me and she goes to school without me, is this the type of disrespect i get?"

she got onto the bus as it arrived and scanned her card. just as she was about to step away the machine called out, "not enough money."

"shit," gayoung gasped and looked at the bus driver. "sir can you please let me go just this once! i swear i'll pay you back next time."

"sorry kid, no can do," the bus driver replied. "hurry up, there's a line behind you."

an arm stretched out from behind her and scanned their card onto the machine, "for two, please."

gayoung looked behind her and saw a familiar face, "na jaemin?"

he smiled, "let's hurry before we're late to school."

he intertwined their fingers and led her towards a seat near the back. gayoung knew he didn't mean anything else, but she kept questioning on why she felt so flustered and why her heart was beating so fast.

as they sat down, jaemin noticed her flushed cheeks. "hey gayoung," he leaned forward to get a better view of her face, a concerned look painted onto his face. "are you okay? do you have a fever or something?"

"huh, no?" she avoided his gaze, her face heating up more. "haha i'm fine hahaha?"

"pft– if you say so," he chuckled and leaned back onto his seat, his gaze never leaving her.

the whole bus ride to school had never been so awkward for gayoung. she glanced at jaemin from time to time and he seems peaceful.

he stared out the window as, this time, she stared at him.

"you know you can take a picture," jaemin said, turning to face her and flashed his infamous smile. "it lasts longer."

gayoung widened her eyes in shock, not noticing that she was staring, "w-what are you t-t-talking about? i wasn't s-staring!"

jaemin's gaze on her softened and he mumbled, "adorable."

luck was on his side today, gayoung was too busy freaking out and being embarrassed for getting caught by him.

he grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers together, "let's go, we're at school."

"huh? already?" gayoung looked outside the window behind jaemin and indeed they arrived at school without her noticing.

as soon as the two got off the bus all eyes were on them. gayoung instantly felt insecure with all the attention and unknowingly tightened her grip on jaemin's hand.

he noticed her troubled look and her nervous look. he rubbed his thumb on the back of her hand in circles to comfort her, "ignore them and focus on me."

"but... what if rumours spread?" gayoung frowned. "i don't want to deal with your nasty fangirls..."

"i'll make sure you won't," he said, glaring at everyone he looked at gayoung in a judgmental manner.

"by the way," gayoung spoke up. "don't you go school with your friend, jeno?"

"he decided to go school early today without me knowing," he pouted. "what about you?"

"same goes to me," gayoung sighed. "my damn cousin joohwi ditched me."

they arrived at her locker. jaemin crossed his arms and leaned onto the locker next to hers, watching over her protectively as she prepared her books.

"i'll carry that," jaemin took the books and textbook off her. he stopped at glanced at her, "i mean i don't mind carrying you too–"

"what?" gayoung was taken back by the comment.

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