Chapter Four

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I took a few steps away from everyone and pulled out my phone. It didn't take long to connect.

"Longreach Care Home, Maggie speaking."

"Hey Maggie, it's Annika, is he okay?" I asked, biting my lip with concern. I never usually missed my regular phone calls.

"Sure honey he's fine, he's always fine. Are you okay? It's not like you to miss a session" She replied.

I rubbed my temple. "I know, I'm sorry, I got caught out at a job interview that went on too long." I lied.

"Don't worry about it Annika, honestly, you do chastise yourself too much about these sessions. You should have been cutting them down months ago anyway, you know this."

I nodded at her words, even though she couldn't see me. Maggie had been telling me for months that I put too much stress on myself, but I couldn't help it. I was trying, but even with three different shrinks telling me that I needed to let it go, I still hadn't been able to move forward.

"I know." I gave her the reply she wanted. "I'll try and make up for it and Skype tomorrow instead of waiting until next week."

"No, stop it Annika." Maggie reprimanded. "Listen honey." She continued, softer this time. "I'll be honest with aren't doing him any favours by continuing with these sessions. I'm not sure he even knows who you are anymore." She sighed. "Honestly, I know I'm not a psychiatrist, but I truly believe you carry on with these calls, so you can beat yourself up about everything, when none of it was your fault." I felt my chest clutch, tears stang my eyes and I swallowed hard. "He has his family visiting every week, you're over there now, see if you can move on." The word family should have stung, but it didn't because no matter what, he wasn't my family. She told me what I already knew, what I was already internally fighting. I clenched my fist and ground my teeth.

"Thanks Maggie. As long as he's okay, I'll go." I replied and swallowed the bile which rose in my throat.

"Bye honey." She said softly before ending the call.

Standing still for a moment, I needed to collect my thoughts. I wanted some equilibrium in my life, that's why I came back here, to see if it would balance me. I closed my eyes and rested my forehead against the wall.

"Everything okay?" Dillon drawled above me. He was at least a foot taller than my five foot four frame, but until now, I hadn't noticed how much taller he really was.

"Yeah, I'm gonna be okay." I answered. I wasn't sure if it were true, but I knew I wanted it to be.

"You want to get going?" He questioned.

I shook my head. "No, my day just cleared."

He smiled down at me. "In that case, do you wanna to go on an adventure?"

I peered into his eyes and nodded. "I'm all yours today." I told him.

"Lucky me."

His response made me smile. He grabbed my hand and rushed us both back to the bikers.

"Sorry guys, I need to take Ani on an adventure."

"Bye." I managed to shout the word as Dillon stuffed me into the car. He strode around the front like he owned the world surrounding him, tall and broad and totally self-assured. I couldn't tear my eyes away as he seated himself beside me.

"You ready?" He asked as he once again gifted me with his chin dimple.

"Where are we going?" I croaked out.

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