Chapter Three

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"Boyfriend?" He looked down to my left hand. "Girlfriend?" He questioned, the latter softer than the former.

"Neither." I smiled and noted how he visibly relaxed. "I'm a photographer." I shared, deciding to open up a little. "That's what I was doing earlier, meeting with Mr Levett-"

"Soufflé." He corrected.

I giggled. "I can't possibly comment on someone who might be my future boss."

"What?" He snapped, agitation now filled the air around us.

I fidgeted in my seat, not understanding his reaction.

"Shit, sorry." He slowed the car slightly. "I just don't like the prick."

"You know him." I stated.

"Yeah, unfortunately." He agreed.

"How?" Immediately I felt rude at asking such a personal question and reminded myself that we had only known each other a short time.

"Just a connection of my mother's. Let's not talk about him."

"Okay." I agreed quickly, wanting to change the subject.

"So, nudies?" He asked after a few seconds. He took his eyes off the road and grinned wolfishly, then nodded toward my camera.

"Why, you wanna give it a go?" I replied tartly.

"I'm game, if you are." He answered and somehow I didn't get the impression that he was joking. I shook my head with amusement and pulled the camera off from around my neck, packing it away in my bag. "Okay Ani, hit me with where I'm going, cause me driving the car around the same roads, is making me look like a prized dick. I'm telling you, that woman over there thinks I'm interested in her." He said nodding to a middle aged woman with a haughty expression. She eyed the car as we drove by. "And that guy thinks the same." He continued nodding over to a man on the street corner, who, to be fair, did look like he wanted a piece of Dillon. "And I'm pretty sure these guys on their Harleys, think that I'm a little snotty prick and are going to chase me and steal the car soon." He looked over at my wide eyes as we passed the group of bikers, all sat atop their bikes with arms crossed and muscles bulging. I looked back to his face and searched for the 'tell', the one that said he was joking. "You know that if they catch us, then they'll kill me and turn you into a baby machine."

"A baby machine?" I breathed the words out sarcastically but harshly, knowing he was kidding.

He only nodded and looked in his rear-view mirror. "Shit, better get a move on." He said to no one as he pumped the accelerator.

I thought he was joking, I figured he was messing with my head, but shit, as I spun around in my seat, I could see the guys behind us, they'd caught up so damn quick and they looked as mean as my old grandma Jun, and let's just say she was not a woman many people would mess with.

"Step on it!" I shouted into his face as he turned to look at me. I could see he was trying to contain a smirk, but I was ready to jump on his lap and drive the damn car if I had to, no babies were coming out of my vagina anytime soon. He chuckled and I almost bit his ear -Tyson style- with annoyance. He didn't seem to be taking this situation as seriously as I felt he should.

"Don't worry, they'll never catch us in my girl." He said patting the dash and lurching us forward.

"Are you mad?" I shouted, then without allowing him to answer I started mumbling to myself, which unfortunately was a trait of mine when I was nervous. "I went out this morning for a perfectly normal day, have an interview, maybe some light lunch, get back in time for my Skype call to Tony."

"Who's Tony?" He questioned.

"What?" I grunted as I turned to face his profile.

"Tony." He prompted. I looked out the window and realised we were slowing down.

"Why are we slowing?" I shrieked, as I jostled out of my seat, turned and kneeled, looking out the back window, toward the bikers who had started to pull alongside us. "Oh my God, oh my God...they're going to pierce my nipples aren't they? Can they not see I'm Asian? That I wouldn't look good with leather arse-less chaps and nipple tassels."

A rumble of laughter shot forth from him, it filled the car and I lost focus as he pulled the car to a stop, covered his eyes and kept laughing. "Fuck, I can't drive when you say shit like that." He wiped his eyes and I narrowed mine on his.

"We're being chased by bikers, not slutty cowgirls." As he imparted this information he laughed again.

The knock that came on his window shocked me, but it shouldn't have. I had gotten caught up in the moment, it was clear now that we were never in any real danger and as he stepped out the car and chatted with the group of men, I wanted to thunder-punch him in the throat. Dillon leant back down into the car. "Come on Ani, get your arse out here, I'm telling them all about how you thought they were riding horses not bikes, and how you were ready to have nipple tassels." He grinned.

I rolled my eyes but got out of the car and made my way around the hood to stand with Dillon.

"So, Ani." A particularly big, sweaty, bearded biker said, as he looked me up and down. His eyes stopped and rested casually on my breasts. "You wanna get your nips pierced, cause I know a guy." He grinned like the Cheshire cat.

My eyes widened and Dillon doubled over, laughter once again ringing in the air.

I found my lips twitched and my heart swelled as I started to giggle at my own stupidity, whilst staring at this guy. Someone I had only just met...literally, and yet someone who laughed with abandonment and seemed to take the simplest pleasures in life and treasure them, I felt comfortable and happy. I had been so sad this past year. Coming home to Australia was supposed to be a fresh start, but as yet it had only served as a reminder of a lost life. I had been asking for a sign, something, anything, to tell me whether to stay or go back to the UK. I thought maybe the job would be it, but the more I watched him, the more I wondered if Dillion had been sent to show me the way. 

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