Chapter 3: The First Day Of The Job

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The next following day, in the crack of dawn, Stephanie was the first one to wake up earlier than Nash did at 4 o'clock in the right timing.

She got up from the bed that Nash loaned to her, which is his own bed since his nephew sleeps in the other room and doesn't occupy another room, so, she decides it is okay to sleep in someone else's bed since she has done it a couple of times in the past few adventures.

With the covers nicely tucked to the sides, the blankets neatly folded over the top, and the mattress, well, the mattress is soft like other beds would be like.

It kind of reminded her of her own bed, soft, warm, with two blankets, a yellow and a green, a soft pillow for her head, and... well, very comforting to be on at midnight.

She slowly got up from the bed that she was sleeping on, wearing her pajamas since she is sleeping in someone else's bed, worried that she might get caught naked in the middle of the room.

She picked up her clothes that she stripped and walked into the bathroom to change, for some privacy from Nash or his nephew.

After she changed into the same clothes from yesterday, which oddly was washed from Nash's helpfulness since she helped him with the lost paper, and she encountered Nash, sitting on a chair at the table, wide awake and wearing his own clothes from before, except the lack of his bag.

In his right hand is a white cup, filled with heated oil before she even got up from the bed. (Since there is no coffee around in Stephanie's side of the story.)

"I take it that you've woken up earlier than me?" she asked, gently interrupting his peaceful time.

He glanced over at her and noticed she's awake too, except the lack of her sweater.

"Yes, I did," he answered. "I already woke up my nephew to get ready for work, and he already left."

Smiling lightly, she placed her right hand on his shoulder and gave him a gentle hug with both of her arms, gently startling him from the sudden affection.

"What on Earth are you doing?" Nash asked, perplexed at what she is doing, as he set his cup of oil down on the table.

"It's a little thing I do whenever I'm around my friends or my family members; I hug them behind their backs or their fronts, whichever side they want that is." she politely explained.

Curious, he placed his right hand on her right arm, noticing the warm in her arm, instead of coldness like his metal, and felt more confused.

Why is her metal warm instead of ice-cold like any other robots?

She released him from her hug and glanced up at the clock on the wall, smirking slightly to herself. The time on the clock was at 4:30.

"We gotta get ready to go to work or like Egz said, we could get fired on our first shift," she warned.

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