Chapter 7 - Always make time for that

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Wow... this is rather a lot... for someone who was only famous in the otaku world, he's sure getting a lot of fame outside, Seiji thought as he organized the magazines.

All those magazines had contained one thing in common; Yuuto.

Either photo shoots of the cross-dressing cosplayer, or articles about him or interviews with him. Anything that involved Yuuno, Seiji had bought and stored with the rest of the materials he had.

Would this be considered close to stalking? He thought about it for a moment. Nah, it's okay. I'm just collecting the magazines that my boyfriend appeared. This is too big to let it pass anything, the painter dismissed the idea with a shake of his head.

After he organized the bookcase, Seiji couldn't help but pull one of the magazines back. No matter how many times he had read it, the article still put a smile on his lips. Damn it, Yuuto... how can you say so many embarrassing things with a face like that?

Despite already knowing, Seiji blushed as he reread the article, stopping at his favorite part.

Y-yes... that man cosplaying with me in that pic is my b-boyfriend, Yuuto said to the interviewer.

We've been together for a few months and we're in l-love with each other... in fact, it's thanks to cosplaying that we found each other. He's a painter and when he found out about me, he... he painted me... in a lot of different ways... he used to call me his muse a lot... he knew it was embarrassing...

Thank the heavens for the photographer's instincts to include the pic, Seiji thought, smiling. When Yuuto had said those words during the interview, the photographer had taken a perfect photo of that precise moment. The teacher was too embarrassed. It was plain by how red his cheeks were. But his huge smile was too cute.

It's a perfect photo... but maybe I wished only I knew about this side of him, Seiji thought, knowing he was being somewhat petty.

But no matter how jealous or childish Seiji felt, the painter was truly happy for Yuuto and all those opportunities. All the attention he's getting is amazing. He deserves this and much more after all his hard work. I want the world to see how amazing my boyfriend is.

Even so, he couldn't ignore the bad parts of all the attention Yuuto was receiving either. He's late, the painter thought when he checked the time on his computer. Then he pulled his phone from the pocket. And he hasn't call nor sent a message...

He's working hard. He's working hard. Cosplaying is part of him, he said to himself to ignore his dejection.

With nothing better to do, Seiji kept rereading the article.

Until he heard the door of his apartment opening.

"Yuuto!" Seiji exclaimed, too happy the moment he saw his boyfriend.

"Hey, Seiji," Yuuto said before letting out a big yawn.

The teacher closed his eyes before giving his boyfriend a light kiss. Then, with his face groggy with sleep, he sat at the entrance and struggled to untie the laces of his shoes.

When he finally managed to take his shoes off, he stood up and almost tripped on the entrance. The only reason he didn't fall was because Seiji held him.

"Thanks," Yuuto said, rubbing his eyes. Only then he truly looked at his boyfriend. "What are you doing all dressed up?"

"What? You think I walk around naked in the apartment?" Seiji joked, flashing a smile.

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