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⚠ -- Slight smut in this...

Brooklyn's POV:
Blair let me bring Nicole with us on tour. I asked the other lads if that was ok with them and they agreed with me saying it was fine. Without Nicole I'm no one. She is my world and I love her so much. "Brook. You need to finish packing for the other tour dates." Nicole said as she came back into mine and Jack's room. I smiled. "I know I do but I want to spend time with you for a bit." I asked. "We can do that when we get to the hotel as we have a room to ourselves." She told me. "Fine." I said, picking up the clothes and placing them into my suitcase. This tour is going to be amazing and I can't wait to meet the fans and spend sometime with Nicole.

Nicole's POV:
Obviously I had to go home and pack some clothes for myself as I wasn't going without any. The first show of the tour was in Glasgow and now the place we're heading to next show is in Birmingham. This is going to be exciting. The tour van arrived at the flat and was ready for us to get in. We all got in and headed off up to Birmingham. I sat next to the window and next to Brooklyn.

- - - - At the venue - - - -

The van arrived in Birmingham an hour later. There were fans already waiting outside and obviously waiting for the lads to arrive too. We all hoped out and there where a few screams from some of the fans. "We love you." Some of them said. Brooklyn took my hand and held me close. "Brook and Nicole. You two are so cute." A fan said as we past them. I blushed a bit and we all headed inside the venue. Everything got set up for tonight's show and shortly after getting in the lads had a sound check to do.

Time flys by because it was show time. "Good luck out there. Enjoy yourselfs but not too much." I told them before they headed off to the stage. "See you in a few hours babe." Brooklyn said kissing my lips. He took my hand and I followed them out to the side of the stage. Brooklyn kissed my lips before running on stage to join the others.

- - - - After the show - - - -

The show was amazing and we all headed to the hotel we where staying in for the night as the next venue was only a few hours away. Shortly after about each 30 minutes of the journey we got to the hotel. Andy and Jack fell asleep in the van which left Rye and Mikey just listening to their own music. Brooklyn and I were close together and whispering things into each others ears. We all headed to the floor we were staying on and into our own room. Before we went in everyone said goodnight. Brooklyn and I got into our room and he shut the door behind us.

*Beginning of smut*

I took my coat of then began to take my jumper off. "Let me help you." Brooklyn said walking over and helping me take off my jumper. Once we had it off our lips interlocked with each others. It led to a make out session. Our shirts were off in seconds and only breaking the kiss to get them over our heads. My hands were in his hair as he began to kiss the sweet spot on my neck which made me moan slightly. "Jump." He whispered into my ear. I did as I was told. My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck and he bout me closer to the bed. A smirk creeped up on his face and he layed me down onto the bed. Our trousers were shortly off too. "I love you." I told him. Brooklyn looked into my eyes. "I love you too and mean everything that will happend tonight." He said kissing my lips again. Soon the two of us were under the covers and ready for what was going to happen next.

A/n: I don't really want to go into detail so I'm going to leave it hear and let you all think what you want to happen next.

Brooklyn got off of me and layed right next to me. We both were breathing heavily as we were out of breath. "That was amazing." I said causing a smile to appear on his face. "It was. We should do it again sometime." He said pulling me closer to him. Brook wrapped his arms around my waist and mine rested against his bare chest. My eyes slowly began to shut as I began to feel very tired. "Goodnight princess." I heard Brooklyn whisper then kissed the top of my head. "Goodnight." I mumbled before falling asleep. Tonight was a night to remember. We both showed each other how much we loved one another. I love Brooklyn so much. He's my world.

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