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The following Monday morning came and it took Max longer than usual to roll out of bed. All she had thought of since her return to her room, was the events that took place during the rendezvous on Saturday night. Every time she closed her eyes, images of Sweet Pea's cocoa hues and his rose tinted lips conquered every bit of her memory. They hadn't spoken since he dropped her off, and she was absolutely dreading school today. Stuck in first period with only him? She could already see the awkward tension suffocating everyone else in the classroom.

Nevertheless, she pushed up from the bed and got ready for the day. Normally Max would go the extra mile and pack on some excess face color if she was trying to impress a boy, but today her mindset was so muddled that it was pointless. And, she was running quite late. Max hurried out of her house, grabbing another Poptart and putting in her earbuds for the walk to school.

The campus was in it's normal state. Ghoulies piled together on one side and the Serpents clustered on the other, and though Max felt like everyone instantly knew of her kiss with the almighty Sweet Pea, no one did. She was just the same new girl as the week before.

And as if on cue, her orbs landed on his towering figure, laughing his ass off in a group of teenage Serpents. He was unaware of Max's gawking presence, or perhaps he had already noticed her and chose to ignore the gal.

"Goodmorning, Sunflower!" Toni chirped from behind, bumping hips with Max.

Fangs drooped an arm over Max's shoulders, pushing her over to the exact spot she had planned to avoid. Unfortunately, luck was not on her side today.

As the trio neared closer to the group of grunge teens, Sweet Pea caught sight of the two linked together, and his bright smile quickly faded. Suddenly the dense expression his face normally held was back, and very prominent. However, he wasn't sure what it was that pissed him off the most. Maybe the fact that Fangs was boo'd up with the girl Sweets had just been locking lips with, or maybe, it was when Max wouldn't even send a peek his way.

The two were dying to be each other's center of attention and didn't even know it.

"How was your weekend?" Toni piped up.

Max shifted uncomfortably, and gulped. She wanted to look over at Sweet Pea so bad, but the moment that her gaze met his she was sure her body language would spill the beans to everyone.

"It was okay. Went to that Open House hosted by the Lodges."

"Oh, right! How was that? Any Northside drama to spill?" Toni chuckled and nudged Max's open arm.

Max shook her head and laughed along, "Nah, overall it was a pretty crappy night."

At this point the brunette could feel the holes that Sweet Pea was boring into her skin. She knew she had hit a nerve and his wrath was about to implode. Fortunately, the bell pealed and she was immediately free from Fangs' grip. Not wasting another minute, Max pushed past everyone and raced to her first period.

After taking her seat, she let out a breath of relief. The girl who sat next to her in the lab would be here soon enough, and she could completely forget about Sweet Pea's existence since he sat at the table behind her. At least, that's what she thought.

Once her Bio partner entered the room, she walked right past her usual seat and took position in Sweet Pea's spot. Max's eyes broadened and her mouth suddenly fell dry. She slowly turned around and painted a fake smile across her face.

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