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Cheetahstar - a pale ginger she-cat with black spots; copper eyes

Fawnstar - a fawn colored XXY tom with a thick ascent; has yellow eyes

Hickorystar - a dark nearly black tom with white unders; green eyes


(Spirits who once lived)

Flurryblaze - a large white tom with blue eyes

Tornface - a once heavily scared tom with a grey pelt

Parakeetwing - a grey dappled she-cat

Beetleleg - a black tom with silver socks


(Spirits who never lived)

Sunburst - a fiery ginger tom with distinct amber eyes

Ice - a very light grey she-cat with yellow eyes

Starlight - a beautiful black she-cat with white flakes with hints of ginger

Burn - a yellow she-cat with dark green eyes

Celestial - a golden colored tabby tom with wide golden colored eyes

Ariel - a light brown spotted tabby she-cat with green eyes

Forfax - a black tom with a few different shades of grey; bright yellow eyes

The Place of No Stars


Morningstar - a white calico she-cat with yellow eyes

Weaslestar - very light brown tom with blue eyes

Ivystar - a light grey and white she-cat

(Those born into The Place of No Stars)

Nathaniel - large 'red' tom with sharp grey eyes

Marble - a silver she-cat

Pine - a fluffy ginger speckled tom



Twostar - a light brown tom with a split tail, has a white chin and chest; has blue eyes


Cowpatch - a black and white genderfluid warrior

Medicine Cat

Waveshine - a silver dappled tom with yellow eyes


Tigerstrike - a ginger tom with black stripes; has hazel eyes

Redfur - a russet she-cat with green eyes

Twitchfur - a jittery yellowish ginger tabby tom with off colored greenish yellow eyes

Ravenheart - a black tom with copper eyes

Mudspot - a caramel tabby tom with dark swirls; copper eyes

Violetnose - a black and silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Yellowtuft - a sandy yellow she-cat with green eyes

Heavybelly - a large, plump caramel tabby tom with dark brown markings

Brightspot - a white she-cat with yellow patches and blue eyes

Mumblecry - a mute pale ginger tom with white spots; blue eyes

Batwing - a black and grey tabby tom with a single silver spot over his right eye; one silver hind sock

Dovefeather - a very light grey tom with bright green eyes; has an accent

Sandclaw - a dirt covered black tom with amber eyes

Gingerheart - a ginger tabby tom with lighter stripes; yellow eyes

Mint-tooth - a cream colored tom with copper eyes; light brown in his tail, muzzle, and paws.

Dogfoot - a chestnut brown tabby tom with green eyes

Blackpelt - a black and white tom with lilac eyes

Quicktail - a very light brown tom with green eyes

Blazestep - a bright russet she-cat with yellow eyes


Cherrypaw - a russet and white she-cat with a distinct black tail; blueish green eyes
Mentor: Twitchfur

Falconpaw - a brown calico tom
Mentor: Batwing

Snowpaw - a light grey tom with white splotches that resemble snow; copper eyes
Mentor: Cowpatch

Flowerpaw - a tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes
Mentor: Blackpelt


Poppysplash - a lovely tortoiseshell-and-ginger

Pantherstripe - a grey tabby


Honeyheart - yellowish ginger tabby she-cat

Losteye - a pitiful grey tom with both of his eyes missing



Ruestar - a gingery brown she-cat with small little white paws; yellow eyes


Stormpuddle - a grey and black tom

Cats Outside the Clans

Tortoises - a tortoiseshell-and-black tom; formerly from Riverclan

Stream - a white she-cat with lovely grey eyes; formerly from Thunderclan

Tawny - a light brown tom; formerly from Windclan

Melody - a white calico she-cat; Kittypet

Blossom - a russet she-cat with amber eyes; formerly from Shadowclan

Martin - a black tom; formerly from Riverclan

Hedgehog - a spiky hickory colored tom; formerly from Riverclan

Kestrel - a sandy yellow she-cat; loner

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