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We had been wandering through this town for ages and my feet were hurting very much. Jake was walking next to me, holding my hand and staring in front of him with a huge smile.
"Jake, are you okay?" I told him. There was something with that smile that didn't suit him. He was the kind of person who would smile brightly or smile sadly. But not this huge grin.
"Yeah, of course! Let's go that way!" He said, dragging me in the direction of a huge building. It looked like a palace, but it probably was a mansion of a rich council member. It had small lanterns hanging from each floor, but instead of giving me that warm feeling when you see lights, like Christmas lights, I got this dangerous feeling while looking at it. The feeling you get in your stomach when your conscience is telling you to turn around and run away.
I stopped walking and Jake turned around with a raised eyebrow. He was giving me that cute confused look of his, making me smile on the inside. But on the outside I looked very serious.
"Emily? Is something wrong?" He asked me. I turned to the building and shivered.
"This place is giving me the chills. Maybe we should walk further." I said, already dragging him to the end of the road, where the market began.
"But I have never seen this building! I want to check it out!" He exclaimed. I sighed, curiousness was one characteristic we both shared. I gave in to it and turned around.
"Okay, but if I see something suspicious, I'm out. And you too, 'cause I'll drag your butt along." I said, grinning. Jake smirked at me and nodded.
"It's a deal!" He said, grabbing my hand and running into the building.

I thought the building was from a rich council member that had retired, but this building didn't have anyone living in it. The town's people had made a huge library inside of it and it now was a public place. Libraries were mostly places I felt safe and nice, because I could read without being bothered by enemies. But because of the chills I had gotten outside I didn't feel that safe inside anymore. But come on, an enemy wouldn't trap us in a library, right?
Jake looked at me for a second and his face softened.
"You're scared, aren't you?" He said. I shot him a glare and shook my head firmly.
"I'm not scared! Of course not! How could you think that?!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air in denial. But I was scared of course. And Jake knew that. He was my best friend, my boyfriend. He could probably know it if I was worrying about something or if I was scared of something.
Jake shook his head and sighed, then took my hand and walked further. I sighed as well, knowing he already saw how scared I was.
"Emily, no one is going to go after you. You should know that. It's okay, you're safe." He said, still walking forward. I bit my lip and looked down.
He is right...I'm safe, aren't I?

The past three weeks I had been trying to deal with what had happened. I was still scared that someone would go after me again. I was scared that Jikui would rise from the dead and kill me. I was scared of shadows. I was scared of sudden sounds.
Basically, I was scared of almost everything.
But I wouldn't show that of course, because I wasn't supposed to be scared! Though, Jake, Natsu and probably some others too, had already seen how scared I could get if I saw a shadow or if someone closed the door a little too hard. Natsu tried to comfort me every time, but it didn't help me. I still felt that tiny little heart attack every time.
I laughed at myself from the inside. Ha, I was such a scaredy cat. And only because I almost got killed. Ha, that wasn't how I was supposed to act!

One time I admitted I was scared. I think it was a week ago, so two weeks after what happened. I was walking down the street and I saw something move into an alley and to me it didn't look like a human, but like a shadow. So I was freaked out of course. I got the feeling I was being followed again, the nauseous feeling of being stared at. So I ran to the guild, stormed inside and curled up into a ball in the nearest corner. Of course everyone called for Natsu, because I didn't allow anyone near me, but him and Jake and Jake was on a small request, just some stuff at a hospital near Magnolia. If anyone got near me, he or she got pushed away by my aura that I had been showing.
Thinking about it now, I really feel guilty. They only wanted to help me, didn't they? I should've let the people of the guild get closer to me...
Anyway, Natsu stormed into the guild at some point and sat down next to me, holding me close and saying stuff that was probably supposed to comfort me, but I couldn't hear it, because I was only thinking about one thing.
He's back. He's back. He's back.
Later that day, after Natsu had brought me home and laid down next to me in my bed, Natsu told me I had been staring at the doors of the guild for an hour, mumbling something he couldn't understand. He said I looked frightened to death. At that point I knew I had to tell it. So I did.
I told him about what I had been scared of. I told him about the shadow and how I was scared of Jikui coming back.
"Oi, Emily, you shouldn't be scared of that dude anymore. You know he won't come back. That's because he's...." Natsu had said. He didn't say the last word, because that single word had traumatized me as well. Dead. Jikui was dead. I knew that. I killed him. I killed a human.
"You defeated the enemy. That's what counts. Otherwise you had been dead." Natsu had said to me. I nodded and sighed, looking at the ceiling.
"I feel weak..." I had said. Natsu looked at me with this look of pity or sorrow, I didn't know exactly what it had been. He had looked me in the eyes. His eyes showed an expression I hadn't seen very often on him. He was really, really serious.
"No. Don't think like that. You aren't weak because you are scared of something. Gildarts taught me something about that." He had said. I hadn't seen Gildarts even once, so that had made me very curious.
"What did he say?" I had said with a soft voice.
"Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder." He had said. I stared at him in awe, while he was giving me a reassuring smile.
"Everything will be fine. You'll always have me, Jake and all of your other friends. And of course, you're very strong yourself too!" He had said, grinning. That grin of his immediately made me grin back.

Jake walked to the centre of the building. Right there were the stairs and Jake was dragging me towards them, so we were going upstairs apparently.
"How do you know which way we need to go?" I asked him. He looked behind at me and grinned again, making me frown somehow. Again, he wasn't the one to grin.
"I just have way better sense of direction than you." He said. I growled playfully at him and smirked.
"Jake Dawler! Don't you dare say that!" I said.
"Or else?" He dared to say. I smirked and stopped walking. He knew what that meant. He stiffened and turned around, smiling nervously.
"Did you...did you say 'or else'? Ha! I'll show you what happens!" I said, starting to chase after him. He was screaming bloody murder and running in all directions, trying to get away from me, throwing books at me in the process. But I was faster of course. In no time I lay on top of him, readying my fist. He held his hands in front of his face and flinched.
"Don't punch me!" He begged. I burst out laughing almost immediately, lowering my fist and getting off of him.
"Did you really think I would punch you? Silly, you're my boyfriend. I won't hurt you!" I said. He sighed in relief, but that was way too soon. I smirked again. He panicked almost immediately and backed away from me.
"What?" I said innocently.
"You're smirking. That's not a good sign." He said. I shrugged, got up and took his hand.
"Let's go upstairs. You wanted to go there, didn't you?" I said. He nodded hesitantly, but shrugged it off and smiled his usual smile. The warm smile, making the butterflies in my stomach go even crazier than they normally did.

Once we got upstairs I was looking around with hearts in my eyes. This was the fantasy section! I loved reading fantasy, so this was like my book heaven!
Jake sat down on one of the couches and watched how I ran around picking up all kinds of books. I found books about dragons, books about mythologies, books about hidden kingdoms and all that kinds of stuff. It was in one word, amazing!
After half an hour or so I sat down next to Jake with a huge pile of books in my arms, grinning widely.
"You knew this was the fantasy section, didn't you?" I asked him. He nodded, smiling brightly. I gave him a small hug and a kiss on his nose.
"Thank you!" I exclaimed.
"There's more to it." He started. My eyes widened and I looked at him curiously. "This library is going to close, so you can keep some books." He said.
I can...keep...I CAN KEEP THESE BOOKS!!
I put the pile of books on the ground and attacked Jake in a hug. He knew I loved fantasy books. He knew I loved books about mythologies and all those kind of things!
He started laughing and gave me a kiss on my forehead.
"Happy birthday, Emily." He said.

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