Shocking News

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Chapter Twenty-Four

I wake up the next morning feeling fine, forgetting about everything that happened. That is, until I walk by the mirror and see the cut beneath my eye and then look over at my bed again and see a shirtless Harry. I’m confused for a second until everything from the night before rushes back to me. From what happened with Ryan, to the kiss, to Harry staying with me until I fell asleep to comfort me. I start to tear up a little as what happened last night started to sink in. I sit down on the couch and start to cry, a lot. I’m so stupid! I can’t believe I believed that Ryan was so nice and perfect. I can’t believe I spent over a month of my life dating him. I can’t believe I was so weak and didn’t try to fight him off more.

My thoughts are cut off by someone wiping the tears off my face.

“You know, you shouldn’t cry. It’s a waste of your precious tears. Don’t cry over some stupid kid who didn’t realize how lucky he was to have you. Although you still do look beautiful, Megan, even with the tears. You always do.” Harry says with his hand lying tenderly on my cheek. I smile a little. Ryan never said anything like that to me. But I need to stop thinking about Ryan, he’s not important anymore!

“I won’t, Harry. I promise. And thank you.” I respond. “You know Harry; I couldn’t have gotten through the night without you. You always know what to say. Thank you, Harry, for being here for me no matter what.”

“Megan, there’s no need to thank me. I will always be here no matter what. I hate to see girls crying, it makes me sad. Especially, a girl I love.” Harry says and I feel something in my stomach, I’ve only felt one other time, and not with Ryan, but Kyle. And this time, it’s not me that kisses him, it’s him that kisses me. Our lips touch and I feel sparks fly. His tongue traces my bottom lip and I grant him access. Unfortunately we pull away after a little bit, and smile at each other. “We should probably get ready.”

“Yeah, we should.” I say and kiss him again. I hear Louis yelling for Harry and I pull away. “Okay, you go out and just tell them you accidentally fell asleep, but don’t mention the kiss.”

“Why?” Harry asks, looking hurt.

“Oh no, Harry, I’m not embarrassed about us kissing, I just don’t feel like the guys freaking out and asking questions and asking what we are before I even know.” I say and he smiles, content with my answer.

“Okay.” He says and goes to leave, but stops at the door. “Oh, and Megan, be ready at eight tonight. I’m taking you out on a date.”

 He leaves and I smile and head to the bathroom to get ready. I look in the mirror and groan. I have a huge cut and bruise under my eye, a hand print on my cheek, my hair is a matted mess, my dress is a mess, and my cheeks are streaked with tears marks and makeup. But then I smile, Harry still called me beautiful like this. I pull out my makeup bag and start to put on some foundation. This is going to be impossible. Finally my skin looks semi normal and I put the rest of my makeup on. I throw my hair up in a messy bun and throw on some sweats, not caring today. I walk out and see the boys sitting there in nice outfits.

“What’s going on?” I ask, confused at why they’re dressed so nicely.

“We have a meeting with Simon today. Did you forget?” Liam asks and I groan, I did not feel like dealing with Simon today. I trudge back to my room to get changed. I pull on a pencil skirt and a graphic tee and braid my hair over into a side ponytail.

“Come on, let’s go.” I say and we walk down to the car waiting for us. Louis pushes Niall into me accidentally and I trip and fall. The guys immediately freak out and help me up asking me if I’m okay. “Guys, stop! I’m still the same old Megan. Just because of what happened with Ryan doesn’t mean I can’t handle falling to the ground, okay?”

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