If That Ever Happens ,You Need To Check Me Into A Hospital

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Lily's Pov

Well, after yesterday things could not get any worse right ? Wrong!

Tonight I had dinner with the Kings family which is why I was in a foul mood it didn't help that when Mia picked me up for school, guess who was their Riley. Riley was in the car. I looked at my best friend but she shrugged as if it was nothing but she likes him too much to see that he is a bad boy.Lesson one in the lessons in love bad boy equals trouble.

Any way today it was raining so I was glad that I had a lift but not so happy with the company but I got over it slightly, I wore my combat boots to keep my feet dry see our school is very lenient with our uniform so we get to wear pretty much anything as long as we wear blazers. My style was well edgy or cozy it depends how I feel that day is the best way to put it but Mia was very girly today she was wearing her hair in a fishtail plat and had delicate ballet pumps on.

We were finally at school and I see that Riley has his arm over Mia shoulder smiling at each other,what have I missed, I am so confused anyway we walked up to the main entrance to our lockers and finally Riley left. And I'm now once again very confuse and slightly angry.

" What the hell Mia ! Why did you give Riley a lift to school" I whispered shouted because he was just a couple of feet away.

"Well he asked he could have a lift yesterday and I said yes" she said simply getting her books not looking at me, she should give me a heads up who dose she think she is. Oh yeah my best friend.

" Oh sure it's not like he has his own car ! You're not telling me something what are you not telling me Mia Scott?" I said getting my art book out of my locker

" Really Lily there's nothing to worry about and why can't you come to mine tonight" she asked letting the subject drop.

" I have to have dinner with the King's so my mum asked if I could borrow a dress because mine are inappropriate" I said rolling my eyes.

" Yeah sure and do you mean you're having dinner with Ethan" she asked squealing as we walked to art this was the only subject we had together and it was the one subject where we actually get work done together.

" Yeah kill me now I tried to get out of it but it didn't work. I swear if he pisses me of I'm going to rip his head off I don't care if it's in front of his family." I said as we walked into class and took our usually seats at the back and put my bag on the seat next to me so no one would sit there. Like anyone would, I'm a nobody and I like to keep it that way I didn't like the attention last year.But after the events of yesterday people would still stare at me.

"oh yeah I'm sure he really pisses you off" she said sarcastically I looked at her and raised my eyebrows

"whats that supposed to mean" I said but she didn't get a chance to reply.

" Right class we are going to be doing a group project but I will be choosing who you will be working with, sorry" she said see our art teacher was normally really cool if people didn't do work she wouldn't care because they would fail and that's not her fault so she was normally pretty cool but she ruined it when I don't get to do a project with my best friend.

" Right Mia your with Riley" she said wait he was in this class, really god you could of at least out her with someone else "Charlie your with Zoë ... and." She went on and on till it was only me maybe I would have to go by myself which was fine with me." and Lily your with Ethan" wait what no he doesn't take this class he just can't.

"He's not in this class" I say

" Hey partner " I hear the devil him self say taken the seat the Mia was no longer sat in.

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