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Apologies for slow updates. I've got a bunch of stuff I'm trying to work on at once and I'm trying to figure out how to handle all of it. I'm hoping to work hard on this story and have it finished before September. In the meantime, enjoy :)

John POV

John - Renewing, huh? I would've thought you'd have this done by now.
Eliza - Yes, but I'm re-reading it, John.
John - How could I have guessed?

Eliza sent a soft smile as I renewed her book, The Land Of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms. It was a 6 part series, and unfortunately, the other books had been checked out already. Eliza was one of my top visitors, sometimes even stopping by without checking a book in or out. Sometimes she just came to read in the quiet environment, and she stated that she simply liked my presence. She thought I could use a bit more company, noticing my shy and antisocial actions. I would've been offended, if she wasn't right.

Yes, I agreed that libraries shouldn't be forgotten due to the increase in audio books and online books. Sadly, technology was becoming all too powerful in this society, and I worried that someday the beautiful, peaceful library that I could call my home would be demolished. Although, every dark situation has a bright side. Less people visited libraries these days, allowing me to have more less social interaction and more alone time. Since, I obviously don't get enough of that anyway.

Philip - Excuse me, mister?

I glanced over the counter to the image of a bouncy, bright eyed boy. Four or five comic books spread out around the counter that he could barely reach his head over without standing on his tippy toes. The first thing I noticed was that he wore a T-shirt displaying Captain America's iconic shield. I scanned over the comic books covers and wasn't surprised to see stories about superheroes such as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Winter Soldier.

In a way, he almost looked familiar to me. Almost as if I was staring right into a mirror, ten years past. Large green eyes with speckles of yellow, freckles painting his entire face, from his cheeks, to his chin, to his glabella. After a few seconds of wondering how my younger self had managed to get his little hands on a time machine, I realized I had indeed been staring.

Philip - Mister?
John - Yes! Oh, uhh sorry, it's been a long day for me. I'm starting to get a little tired, that's all.
Philip - It's okay! I daydream all the time!
John - Me too. Steve Rogers always happens to get in those pesky little dreams of mine.
Philip - YOU TOO??!!

The small boy realized he was shouting after his mother had sent him a rather annoyed glance from across the room. I darted my eyes down, frightened as to what his mother might be imagining. Could she think I'm slacking, mean, or possibly convincing him to do drugs?! I quickly checked out the five comic books and handed them across the counter into the small boys arms. With a small smile and a wave he trotted over to his mother, grasping her hand as the stepped out into the sun with the ding of the bell.

Eliza - Well would you look at that, John Laurens actually talked to someone. Who would've imagined.
John - It surprised me too.
Eliza - Heh, well I better get going, Angelica and Peggy are probably expecting me.
John - I was gonna close up shop anyway. When you decide to leave, that's usually about the time you know it's an hour past closing time.
Eliza - Damn, straight!

Eliza stood for me outside the shop as I took one last look around, making sure no pesky kids had managed to keep themselves hidden inside a bookcase. Believe it or not, it had happened before. And I swear to God I'm not gonna let it happen again. With a twist of a key, the library was closed for the night. And I was officially free to roam around the park, admiring the true beauty of the night sky. And after a short hour, I would lead myself back to my humble apartment, where I would spend the last few hours of the day poking fun at my dear roommates, Lafayette and Hercules.

Time skip brought to you by Nationwide, who's on your side

Hercules - Johnny boy!
Lafayette - Mon ami, it was about time. We thought you'd never return.
John - Jesus Christ, I wasn't gone that long.
Lafayette - Maybe, but every minute feels like an hour when you're alone with him.
Hercules - I CAN HEAR YOU!
Lafayette - I AM AWARE!

I giggled to myself. Lafayette, Hercules, and I had been best friends since grade school. They annoyed the hell out of each other, but in a loving way. Although, they would never admit that. Sometimes you would think they were best friends, sometimes you might think they were mortal enemies. No matter what you thought, I knew that they would give the world to the other in a heartbeat if they could.

Lafayette worked as a French teacher at the local middle school in town. Some last nights could be spent listening to the crazy text answers, or funny mistakes made by students in class. The two of us just pretend to laugh along, since neither of us could understand a single word of French. Although, the real drama came from whatever he might've picked up on while eavesdropping in the teachers lounge. Hercules was a anger management counselor. At first glance, Hercules might seem like the type of guy who would need anger management. He was very muscular, sporting a deep, booming voice. But anyone who really got to know him would know he's nothing more than a giant teddy bear. A gentle giant if you will.

A few hours later, and we had concluded the night with a Chinese takeout dinner, and a new episode of our favorite show. Yawns started to escape our throats, quickly spreading until it seemed none of us could stop yawning. As I crawled into my soft bed, I held my turtle plushie, given to me by my mother, close to my chest. I pulled the cozy covers over my frankly slim, skinny figure. The blankets trapping the in the heat, keeping me cool on the cool Autumn night. A full moon illuminated my loft bedroom through the wide skylight. All warm and cozy, I fell fast asleep, thinking of this night as nothing more or less than the last. Although, maybe I would've appreciated it more if I would've known.

If I would've known that was going to be the last sleep...well...second to last sleep of my entire life.

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