Intruder (Part 2)

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Mr Davenport POV

I ordered Adam to use his blast wave on Chase because I know Chase would have wanted me to. Alice hasn't spoke at all since it happened, all she's been doing is silently crying. "Students! Can I have your attention please," I yell in the hall.
"Krane managed to control Chase again, this time it didn't end so well. He tried to Choke Leo, almost succeeded, but I ordered Adam to use his blast wave on him, I know Chase would have wanted that. The point is, he didn't survive. He died to protect you guys and we'll always be thankful for that," I tell the students. Mixed emotions are to be seen in the crowd, but I don't care. My son just died because of me. Tears roll down my cheeks as my phone starts to ring.
"Hello?" I say once picking up.
"Hey. I could use some help," the voice on the other end speaks up.
"What kind of help?" I question.
"The kind where you get me out of a pile of rocks," the voice says.
"Who are you? And why are you in a- Chase!!!" I realise, everyone is now looking at me. "What's going on?" Bree asks confused.
"How?" I ask.
"I don't know but please get me out of here," says Chase.
"Of course, we're on our way!" I say before hanging up. "Adam help me dig Chase out!" I exclaim and he follows me without further questions. As Adam digs I see an arm. "There!" I yell, Adam pulls the arm and reveals a Chase. "Nice to see the light," he says. We all jump on him in a hug. After a while we all let go, except for Alice. I sign the others to leave the room and leave too.

Chase POV

"I'm okay," I tell Alice.
"I know, I just don't know for how long you'll be," she mutters in my chest. I place my hand on her chin and lift it up so I can look her in the eye. "Long enough to do this," I say and press my lips against hers, softly. She immediately kisses me back with passion, our tongues meet and discover each other's mouth. My hands are around her waist and hers are in my hair. I wish this moment would never leave. We pull apart so we can breathe. "I've known you for like two weeks and yet I'm crazy for you," she says shyly. "Same here," I confess. "I love you," she says, more like a whisper. "I love you too," I whisper in her ear. And I do, I do actually love her. She kisses me again before we leave the room to meet the others. 

"We need to find a way to defeat Krane," Mr Davenport says once we entered the room. "Yeah," I agree. "But as long as he controles you, we can't," Mr Davenport says. "Why not?" I ask, "just take me down so you can get to him, or lock me up," I suggest. "Chase we're not locking you up," Douglas says seriously. Why not? What's so wrong about being locked up until we figure this out? I think to myself. "I've tried to block Krane out of your chip again but failed. But I did however managed to control his activitie in some sort of way," Mr Davenport says. "I can predict when he's going to take over Chase, I might even be able to track him when he does," Mr Davenport explains once he sees all the confused looks in the room. "Great!" I yell enthousiastic since I might not hurt my family again.

Alice pulls me aside to the other room. 

"Can he still control me?" She asks worriedly.

"No, I won't let that happen. Mr Davenport and I managed to block your chip." I respond. She seems calmer after hearing that. "It'll be okay, you don't ever have to go back there." I quietly tell her.

"Thank you," she says, "thank you for freeing me, saving me, helping me. Just thank you for everything." She shyly continues. 

"You don't have to thank me." I say and press my lips on hers. She kisses me back with passion and her arms fold around my neck, pulling me even closer even though I don't think that's possible. I softly push her against the wall and start kissing her neck, leaving a trail of hickeys on it. She softly moans while I continue to kiss her. She pulls the edge of my shirt hinting me to take it off, so I do, in one swift movement I take of my shirt, she does too. The little space our clothing created between us is closed withing a second as she pulls me closer. I stop kissing her neck and move on to her jawline, ending up by her lips. Her legs fold around my waist and I lift her of the ground, placing her on the bed that happens to be in the room. On my way there I pass the door and lock it quickly, I can't have Adam, Bree or Mr Davenport walk in, let go of any of the students. She smiles at me locking the door, I can feel it in the kiss. I start to kiss her over her upper body, while she slowly unclips her bra. God she's so beautiful. Her hands go down my pants and unbutten it. 

Let's just say neither of us were virgins after that.

So I have some crazy idea for a story that's too long to be a oneshot but maybe to short to be a full story, help!

Also I've decided that I will most likely make a part three since this is not the ending of Krane yet. (Sorry if I misspelled Krane, in all the stories I've read it's spelled different.)

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