Chapter 10- Moving Together.

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#Shean pov#

Packing could be so troublesome. I really like to not do it but I guess I don't have any choice. Yesterday when Kai and i left the hospital together Kai received a call from our dads who were together at that moment suggesting us to move in together. I did think they suggest it but I wonder why it felt more like order? They said that since we are going to marry each other soon then we should try first to live together and should get to know each others habit so that we would not face any complications in future.

And so here I am packing my stuff after few arguments of my soon to be husbands and my soon to be father in law. In the end there was no point in arguing. But look at me, I am saying husband. I didn't even get my chance to experience any kind of relationship before and now I am getting married!! Wow my life is a rollercoaster.

Yes you heard me right there. I do really have never been in any kind of relationship before and guess what I am freaking 21!! You ask why? Well then you can say I was always busy in other stuff and never had time to think about it. What? Begin a topper doesn't leave you with lot of time. I was also never interested in any one like to get in relationship. After that dads health keep becoming bad little by little so I was totally paying attention to him. And now dad is hospitalize so that matter remain far away. Dad has always been my first priority and will always be. And who will be in relationship with a guy who have an overprotective father at home and an overprotective best friend along all time. They both think I don't know that they have chase away many girls from school and neighbour. My bastard of friend had also told one girl who used to stalk me that I am gay. But I ignored it all anyway without coincidentally adding extra chilly in his food.

Kai had told me that I will just need to pack my clothes and other stuff which I really want. I heard doorbell ring so I run downstairs to get it. I opened the door and a man in black suit with the Bluetooth in one ear stand there.

"Are you ready sir?" he asked. Wait isn't he the one who kidnapped me? "Yes, please wait a moment, I need to bring my luggage." I said turning towards stairs.

"No need sir. I will bring it. Please wait in car." He said stopping me. I opened my mouth to say something but he was already gone. So I head outdoor to be greeted by a man in driver uniform. When he saw me coming he instantly opened the door for me and said "good morning sir." I smiled at him and replied, "good morning to you too...." "Charles sir." He completed my sentence. I smiled and said "Nice to meet you Charles but please call me Shean from now onward." I said stepping inside the car. Soon we set off after my luggage was brought.

"Eh Mr Kidnapper??" I called out to gain attention.

"Its john sir. Do you need anything?" Came the reply followed by question. I knew he was the one.

"Well nothing I just wanted to know your name and please call me Shean." I said innocently. I just can't keep him calling kidnapper now can I ?

"Well where are we going?" I asked breaking the long silence when I realized I don't know the address of place I am going to.

"Here."said john. I snapped my head out of the car window and I saw a entrance come in view. We entered the gate and oh. my. God. Is this the place I am going to live from now on? It was a modern mansion. I do expected something like this from the Kai Williams but I think I didn't thought it to be like know so.....well whatever you call it.

I step outside the car and john lead me inside. I know kai is not present here because he has business to do. John showed me way towards my room. I think its gonna take me long time to find my own way in this hopelessly huge and luxurious house. I just trailed him behind admiring the beauty of the house. He opened the door to my room and a gasped escaped my mouth.

"Is this my room?" I asked shocked.

"Yes Shean. Please make yourself home and if you need any thing call do not hesitate." John told me while letting me in my room. I nodded unconsciously still taking in all that I saw. I heard john taking his leave.

Is this really my room?  The room was bigger and beautiful. Whole room was decorated in theme of maroon, white and cream. It even has the balcony with the beautiful view of garden. It felt so wonderful and calming to see the garden. But what I love most was the shelf of books welcoming me with wide arm in which I gladly run.

A knock on my door snap me out of the book I was reading. When I look around I saw it was already 7 in evening. After I finished unpacking and eating I just let myself to be drown in the shelf of books. I love reading and that's all it. I heard footsteps so I looked from my book. Kai was standing there in his casual clothes and god this man really look hot in anything he wear. Just a plain grey T-shirt paired with navy blue jeans was all the need to look stunning. I diverted my eyes not to stare for too long and sat up from the chair and placed my book on the bed near.

"Well come back. Sorry I was too lost in this book I didn't notice time. do you need some thing?" I asked.

"No, I don't need anything. So you enjoy books huh?" He asked normally while making his way toward book shelf and trailing his finger on them. Key word is normally. This guy never talk to me normally and even now also his eyes were cold. Are they always this way? Then what was that I saw when I meet him first time?

"What?" He suddenly said in irritated tone when I didn't reply him and keep staring. I jumped at spot and my legs touched the edge of bed I was standing near. I became nervous by his sudden mood change and shutter " I..umm...i-i I liked the books." I lowered my gaze. He took a deep breath while rubbing his temple to clam himself. What's wrong with him??

"ok. They are gift from my dad for you." He said. What the hell is wrong with this guy really? He didn't even Mutter a simply sorry. I only nodded my head not believing my words.

"Is that book you were reading before?" he asked looking behind me where book was kept. I glanced back and nodded.

"Let me see." He said and walked toward me. He leaned a little to make me move but I retorted my body backwards and lost my balance. I grabbed his collar for support but because he was already leaning he lost his balance too and we both fell on bed, him on top of me.

Man he is so heavy!!

But that isn't what I am thinking because his lips are locked on me!!! Oh no!! This is bad. My eyes widen in shock that I fear they almost fell out of socket. He wear same expressions like me. We both froze not knowing what to do. We were both staring at each other in daze.

Suddenly a phone vibrate and we both were snapped back to reality. Kai stand up in lightning speed. I don't know why but his actions some what hurt me. I blew it away for while.

We both stand in front of each other totally embarrassed. If you don't know the color of tomato then you can see me now. Silence was too much and a knife can cut the sexual tension between us.

"I..uhmm.." He started but was cut off by his phone vibrating again. He looked at caller ID and then said " I have to take this." And he was gone in lightning speech.

what the hell did just happen here??

And then it strike me.

It was my first kiss!!

Stolen by my soon to be husband!!


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