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One week after Misha's Flight

William had spent another night in front of the glowing blue computer screen. His cheeks were sunken, there were dark bags under his eyes, his fingers were knobby and trembling. Hid away in his dark cave, his black thoughts manifested in the images that replayed over and over again in front of him. At times he could no longer tell whether he was truly awake or truly asleep.

He woke up running, so fast he felt like he was flying. His eyes were way ahead of him, entranced by the light, shining a crystal blue captured within his black pupils. In his stomach, there was an insatiable fire that let loose steam from his pores. His sweat was like gasoline, feeding the growing flames that bit at his feet with every bound. The encroaching fear of disillusionment compelled him to flight. So he ran. 

His eyes were ahead of him, until the world was all one light, shattered and refracted into a million shards of gleaming sapphire blue. He let his lungs take it in. It was all blue. He happily submerged himself in inviting arms he felt around him, frail and breezy like the leaves of a little flower, blessed by the fortune of a tiny trickle of sunlight as fine as golden silk. Her petals were radiant, and every color at once like an exploding sun, spilled over in a million directions across the stratosphere. He tossed her to the ground and followed her, as their naked bodies rolled about in the grass. She giggled, thrilled by his ravenous caress; she beckoned for him inside her with eyes wild and honest. 

She lay on her glistening back, unfolded as he came down upon her; she let him take her. She bit her lips, and teased him with a playful simper. She whined, scissoring her nimble toes in contorted angles. Her eyes were chastising and daring. She cried as if she would climax. Instead, she slipped from his lusting embrace as the wind carried her off, his serendipitous cavern flower. She teased him with her forest green eyes, glimmering a dusty yellow transience of an autumn taking her away from him all too soon. He chased after her through the dark, until he found her wading waist-deep in a clear white pond, where the sunlight was generous. 

With all caution, he stalked her, minding not to disturb the water. Then, he was upon her. He took her in his arms from behind. He felt her melt in his hands. He kissed her shoulder, nibbling his way up her neck. He felt his fingers sinking in the warm pond water. He fondled her body, from her hips and over her breasts. His hands were wet. He opened his eyes to look. They were all red. 

He desperately pawed over her body, searching for what his eyes couldn't find. He clutched her in his arms as her skin began to fall from her body in clumps of pink and bloody scarlet. All the more, she turned to him with love in her eyes, with cheer in her smile. She pressed her lips against his as they began to shake. His vision was blurring. His coming tears made his eyes a waxy glycerine. He cradled her face with his bloody hands as he kissed her, letting them explore the disintegrating contours of her dying body. As his hands descended, her arm plummeted to the water in a splash of pink. Then came the other arm. The crystal water was flooded in crimson as pieces of her torso continued to fall like hail. He cried out to her as he held her close to him as she crumbled in his arms. All the while she beamed her adoring smile. He touched her lips as he took her face in his hands once more. The tears were running now and he could barely see. Gone from her smiling face was the body beneath. Plunging down in the bloody red water were pieces of a body he could no longer recognize, descending peacefully to the black murky bottom. He sank down on his knees in the water, with the only remaining part of her held tightly to his chest, and his neck tilting his head towards the ceiling of the emerald forest canopy. He lay back. He desired to lay there for a long time.

Suddenly, he awoke, and he was where he had always been, with his face illuminated by the blue screen. 

Every passing day became the same. Everyday he would wake up at his desk in class. He would wake up in his bed at night. He wod wake up talking to Tyler, having no inkling as to what was coming out of his mouth at any particular time.

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