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The red lights of the Georgia Night Lounge created a lusty aura, lifting Virgil as he drifted lackadaisically through his coke and whiskey stupor, gazing upon the hypnotic woman dancing on the table. A black corset with red striping hugged her slender mid-frame. Above it a lacey red push-up bra enhanced her already large breasts. They were well done, heaving with the oceanic motion of her curvy body. The garters that draped down from her black panties held fast to the stockings that barely concealed her slim thighs, and her engine red high heels accentuated her taut calves. Adorned on her head were playful devil horns, which she used to tease the men with as she danced and wiggled around in a circle. 

 She caressed the metal pole. She swayed to the quiet-thumping rhythm of the speakers pervading the background. She straddled the length of the pole with the curve of her back, her hips thrust outward as she let her head slide and hair dangle off her shoulders. She tossed her leg high towards the ceiling as she peeled herself back, mounting the pole, and stroking it between her legs. She swung her hair, arched her back like a kitten and stretched her arms off the table as she reached for him. She tossed her corset, flicked off her red nylon gloves. She sat poised on her knees and let the straps of her bra fall past her shoulders, just to tease. She cradled her heavy tits in her tiny palms as she licked at them with her long tongue. She peeled her back to form a bridge, bucking her hips and stroking her pussy with her fingertips. She gently tugged at her panties, if only to give a quick glimpse.

Mr. Goode peeked through the curtains of the private room. As he watched her dance, for a moment he forgot his purpose, mesmerized as she let her bra hit the floor. He sank down in the seat beside Virgil. 

She coyly turned her back to him, who without knowing had been lured in like a mindless trout, as she beckoned him to keep chasing as she bucked her head back and let her hair flow. She dipped low as she gripped the pole with both hands, squeezing out of her thong just slightly. She hopped up and swung, with legs spinning until her heels blended together in a swirl of beating red siren lights. She brought herself upright, turned her back once more as she hooked her thumbs in the side of her thong. She dipped her nose to table as she pulled them down, exposing the healthy pink lips nestled between the heart-shaped curves of her ass. She faced her private audience and hooked her hands behind the bar. She caught him in the eye. She crawled to the edge of the table, keeping her green eyes focused attentively on his. With her lips poked lustfully, she mashed her tits together, then climbed down and into his lap. 

She had a supernatural way about her, how she could mesmerize and constrict one within her decadent snare. It unraveled his perception as easily as she undid his jacket zipper. He raised his arms, taking his fingers and running them down her back. She put her lips close enough to his neck that he could feel the puffs of air from her nose, then she seized his wrists and denied him. Her slender fingers, like the legs of a black widow, crept across the side of his face; tickled his ear. She flipped her hair and inched forward, coming just close enough for their noses to meet. He sat there with mouth open and labored breath as she straddled him. His heart began to pound, consumed by her voracious lust, grinding her naked body against him. She wrapped her arms around him, perching his chin in between her cleavage and teased some wild strands of his hair in her lips. She climbed off of him and crawled on the stage like a feline, with her back arched and her ass tossing behind her as she swayed. The music died. She flashed a guilty smile at the men, before retreating out of the room with her hips rocking back and forth deliberately.

"Wow," Mr. Goode said finally with a bubbly smirk wriggling across his wet lips as he leaned back in his seat. "I think I'm in love." 

Virgil returned a satisfied grin, as he tossed his head back, looked to the ceiling and said, "of all the godly wonders of the world, I find the female body to be by far the most awe-inspiring, the most perplexing, the most wondrous. I find my boyhood fascination anew with every fleeting glance I take."

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