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William brought his laptop and headphones to the bathroom, flipped the laptop open and sat down on the toilet. He plugged his headphones in and rolled the cursor over a folder on the desktop titled "School Stuff." Pretty clever. He reached behind the toilet bowl to snatch up the crusty bottle of lotion he kept for special use, and then he clicked on a file and a video started to play.

There was a loud banging on the bathroom door a few savory moments in. "William. William! Why is the door locked? We don't lock doors! William!" He broke out of his trance with his dick in hand and precum dripping over his fingers as he frantically looked around for a place to stash the laptop. Instead, he tripped over his pants which were down around his ankles and the headphones popped out of the jack. Loud sucking and slurping noises filled the small bathroom as he scrambled to mute the volume. "William! What are you doing in there so long? Aren't I supposed to be taking you to your friend's house for a school project?"

"Er, just a minute, mom!" He wiped his hands on a towel and shoved the laptop in the cabinet under the sink as he struggled to pull his pants up around his rock-hard dick.

His mom pounded on the door some more. "William! Open this door this instant!"

"Just wait a goddamn second!" He heard her gasp from the other side. He shoved his dick in his pants and tucked it down so it wouldn't poke out as he opened the door. His mom was standing there with her arms folded and an opprobrious look sculpted in her twisted lips. William managed a nervous laugh.

"Er, how's it goin', mom?"


"Hold out your palm."

"What? Why?" William brought his hands behind his back as he sat on the porch steps of Tyler's house. Tyler's older cousin Kendra was standing with one leg between his, so close in fact that he could feel the heat from her leg on his crotch and the very thought made him writhe in his undies.

"C'mon, I wanna read your palm," she teased with a pretty smile, though he didn't see it. At that moment, Kendra could have had one eye or an extra head jutting out of her neck, because when she leaned forward all he saw was tits, beautiful brown tits resting delicately in the cute white bra she was wearing under her shirt.

"C'mon, William! Don't you wanna know your future? Don't you wanna know what girl you'll take to the dance?" she badgered, coyly snatching for his wrists. The closer she got, the more she swiped at his arms, draping herself over his shoulders. Every instance was another brief moment in which those soft mounds gently brushed over his flesh.

"I wouldn't do it, Kendra," murmured Tyler as he sat a few steps up, intently gazing at his phone screen and nothing else.

"Why not? You should trust my powers, William. I am a true psychic."

"Still wouldn't recommend it."

"Stop being chicken! C'mon, gimme those hands! I wanna practice on someone and you're getting on my nerves." She kept swiping.

"Did you wash your hands, bro." And swiping.

"Shut up."

"William!" And swiping.

Finally, she grabbed it: the result of a teenage girl rubbing her body all over a teenage boy. "It," standing up proudly through his shorts and pitching a tent. Kendra gasped.

"WILLIAM O-M-G! EWWWWWW!" she cried, furiously wiping her hand on her jeans as she ran into the house.

"What's her problem?" said Jayden, approaching the steps with the smiling Destiny waddling behind him.

"I think... my cousin just gave William a handjob..."


"What's a handjob?"

"Dude, Tyler shut up!"

"What? Just out on the porch?"

"She literally just grabbed his dick!"

"She played with Willy's willy?"

"Guys! There is a child literally standing right there!"

"So, was it good?"

"NO! I mean—"

"So...she didn't make you cum, I'm guessing."

"I gotta use your bathroom, Tyler."

"You ain't usin' my bathroom!"

"Haha, he's gonna be beatin' off in your bathroom, cuz."

"Then what am I supposed to do!"

"Well whatever you do, don't look now. You-know-who is coming down the street.

"Who?" As soon as William said that, he wished he hadn't, because maybe then he would have been able to trick his mind into not looking, and focusing on calming his boner down instead of guaranteeing he'd ruin his pants.

Because it was her.

A woman. His woman, wrapped in a tight black leather jacket and fiery red hair sweeping down over her brow covering half her face, and the echo of her boots ricocheting off the stone walls. Her attention was facing downward, like she was reading a book. It felt like a dream: them there, suspended in a space so far away close. There she was, there was he. William was captured, compelled like a brainless moth, hypnotized by her crimson red lips, slick and waxy and smooth dripping wet. His mouth had dried up.

She stopped in the middle of the path, pulling out a carton of cigarettes from her purse, lit one; deep red lipstick stuck to the white stem and a heavy cloud of gray smoke emerged. So, he swung his head back around and pretended he wasn't just staring. His brain tried to override the brimming animal nature of the body. His heart engorged and the arteries swelled and the insides burned from within. His guilty crotch swelled to the point that a wet spot had spread. Suddenly, her tall black heeled boots started up again, and she swayed past him and exited without so much as a glance.

He watched her wait at the crosswalk waiting for the light to change. The moment was over.

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