30- Surprise!

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Sadie was taking a shower when Antonio came in to join her, helping her wash up. He turned her around and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, looking down at her stomach with a smile "You're really showing, and I'm loving this beautiful glow about you."

"I know, I can't hide it much longer."

"Have you thought about telling the girls yet? You're almost five months along now." he says, giving her a kiss. "My mom will figure it out you know."

"I'm sure she would, thanks for not telling her. I can honestly see her saying something about it, with the girls around."

"It's true, she doesn't know how to keep a secret very well." He placed his hand on her stomach, rubbing it "We should tell them today."

He bent down, placing kisses on her stomach "I can't wait to meet you, little one." he grinned, standing back up "Don't you have a doctor's appointment today?"

"I do have one this afternoon, they were going to do an ultrasound and see if they could see what the sex was. We could always surprise them by having them there with us, they'll be able to know if they are possibly having a brother or sister." she smiled.

"If that is how you would like for them to find out, that's fine with me, they might even enjoy seeing it on the screen."

She bit down on her bottom lip thinking "How are we going to leave, and not tell your parents where we're going?"

"I'll just tell them that we have some running around to do." he says, kissing her before heading out of the shower.

Antonio took Bella outside for her to do her duties, his mom happened to be outside and walked over to him "Nice morning isn't it." he says to her, he could tell that she had something on her mind after seeing the look on her face.

"It is nice out, I still don't see why you went through all the trouble by placing us out here." sounding snarky.

"Do you not like it? I really thought that you might enjoy it."

"It's nice, I'm just surprised about it since you never went through all this trouble before, we're here to visit, and right now I feel that we're not welcome." she looked at the guest house and back over to him, looking bothered "It's like we're still so far away."

Antonio laughed "You're right outside my house, takes you about a minute to walk in."

"I still do not like it."

Antonio looked up in the air and sighed, then called for Bella. Giorgia stood there, still looking displeased with Antonio "Sadie and I have some running around to do with the girls today, she planned on making dinner when we get back, you're welcome to the house while were gone."

"Where are you going?" she asked curiously.

Bella ran up to Antonio, jumping up for him to pick her up, he leaned down picking her up and looked at Giorgia "School is starting soon, and we have to get the kids signed up for kindergarten, we also have some other things we need to get done." he says, opening the door for her.

Sadie was in the kitchen making breakfast, and the girls were sitting at the table coloring. Giorgia sat down at the table, talking to the girls. She stopped talking when she saw Antonio walk up behind Sadie, leaning over and kissing her cheek. She gave them a dirty look and turned back to the girls.

After breakfast, Antonio and Sadie left with the girls, getting them signed up for school, and then over to the doctor's. Sadie was excited for the girls to finally find out that they were having another sibling soon.

They sat in the waiting room waiting to be called back "Why are we here daddy?" Gabriella asked, looking worried. He pulled her on his lap, and slid some hair away from her face "You'll see soon." he smiled.

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