Let yourself go

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<3 This is the PG13ish chapter of"Let yourself go". You are more than welcome to read the much longer mature version of this chapter, it is located in "When death takes notice (mature chapters)", if you are above a certain age that is. That smutty little book is located in my library, rated mature, and only contains the mature chapters from this book. <3

I froze underneath him. The reality of what we where about to do had hit me in the face like a splash of icy water the very moment my back had hit the matress pressed against my back. My breath hitched, as my wide eyes drowned in his dark lustfilled ones. I needed to come up for air.

«Im scared.» The words where barly a whisper as they left my parted lips.

His blazing eyes softened, warmth curbing the wild, unchecked passion previously occupying his cinnamon pools.

«Dont be.» He whispered, his lips pressed against the skin of my forehead, gently placing a soft tender kiss there.

«I will be carefull with you love, as well as make you feel really, really good.» He promised, his velvet tones sliding across my cheek, as he planted another tender kiss upon my skin.

«Give yourself to me.» He coaxed against my lips, right before his lips sealed my own with a sweet butterfly kiss. The warmth of him chased away the icy feeling lining my gut.

His lips on mine, as they caressed me, felt so nice, so safe, so warm. I nodded my head in compliance as I gazed into his eyes, I would give myself to him. My eyes mirrored the almost tangible apprehensiveness which still weighed down on my heart, but also showed the trust that lied within. The precious trust that I put in the monster above me.

His warm weight enveloped me, as he rested his body more firmly down on top of mine. His face hovered above mine, his eyes slowly searching my depths. His fingers played with the silky strands of my hair, as the tips of his warm flesh gently brushed against my warm cheek.

He leaned down to kiss me again. My heart pounded in my chest, and I froze. He stopped mid air, as his eyes took in my sudden petrified reaction to him, and cupped my face with his right hand instead. I leaned into his hand, as his thumb started to gently caress my skin. It felt so nice, so safe. I closed my eyes, and relaxed against him yet again. My heart slowed down as the touch of his thumb brushed away the tention filling me.

I felt his lips press against my own, so soft, almost like a feather, barly there at all. Safe, so very, very safe. The hand cupping my face fell away as I pressed myself up against him, as I pressed our lips more firmly against eachother. I took a deep breath, slowly inhaling the scent of him, filling up my nostrils, my lunges, with him. The tantilizing smell made me drunk, drunk on him.

His soft lips left my own, as he slowly kissed his way down. First a light kiss on the corner of my lips, then one on my cheek, my jawbone, grazing the soft skin under my ear, then my neck, followed by a long lingering one on my collarbone. A soft sigh escaped my parted lips, the light brush of his lips on my skin filled my body with a nice solid warmth.

The tips of his fingers found the straps of my obsidian nightgown, and slowly slid them off of my shoulders. His lips following in their wake, kissing his way down my right arm. My breath became more heavy with each new kiss he placed upon my burning flesh. He started to kiss his way up my arm again, and down my torso, his sensual lips lingering for a few seconds on my skin before moving on.

I tensed a bit as he slid the nightgown down over my breasts, his lips playfully trailing down the right side of my breast. So painfully close to my hardened peak, but never touching. He mercilessly ignored the pink flesh begging for his attention, as his lips followed the nightgown down my stomach, his kisses more firm against my skin now. Another soft sigh escaped my lips as his fingers slid across my side.

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