Forget yourself

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He gathered up the empty bowls, and made to leave.

«Do you want me to help you with the dishes?» I asked him quietly, surprising us both.

He turned around, the tray holding the dirty bowls in his grip.

«I would really like that love, but I think that you should rest instead.» He answered, gently letting me down.

He turned around again, about to leave, his broad back facing me.

«I am not tired at all." The lie rolled right off of my tounge, followed by the truth. "I couldnt sleep if I wanted to. Please let me help. Im bored. I could...ummm...maybe just sit on the countertop, and dry the dishes after you finish washing them. That way I wont be in your way at all.» I pleaded with him.

I heard him sigh before he walked out of the room, not even bothering to answer nor look my way. My heart dropped. I guess thats a no. I cant blame him really, I guess that I would be more in the way than not, taking my weakened state into condiseration. I feel a lot stronger than before, but still weak. It reminded me of that time when I was little. I had been really sick, bedridden for almost a whole week before I eventually got better. I had been so weak the following days, drained of energy, everything had been so hard to do. Even easy tasks like going to the bathroom had felt like a damn marathon.

I fell back down against the bed, and closed my eyes, then opened them again. No, damn it! I am not just going to lay in bed all day and sulk. I dont care if I have to crawl into the damned kitchen, I am not staying here!

I pushed myself up, then carefully slid to the edge of the bed. I pushed myself up off the bed, forcing my trembling legs to hold my weight. I felt like a newborn foal learning how to walk for the first time. I tok a tentive step forward, my eyes fixed on my trembling legs and on the floor underneath me. I another tentive step forward, then another, slowly progressing across the floor. I was five small steps away from the door when I noticed him. My eyes had been fixed upon my shaking legs the and the floor the entire time, so I didnt notice him untill his bare feet came into my view. My eyes trailed up his legs, then his torso, all the way up to his handsome face. He wascasually leaning in the doorway, his right side propped up against the doorframe. My eyes fixed on his face, his lips where drawn into a thin line, his brown eyes coldly criticizing me, as his brows frowned down in disapproval. I stopped dead in my tracks, and waited for him to say something, anything, to scold me at least.

He pushed off from the doorframe, took two steps towards me, and scooped me up in his powerful arms. He lifted me up like I weighted nothing. My previously trembling legs would contest that sentiment in a heartbeat.

«Please..» I didnt even get to finish my sentence, I stopped as soon as I realized that he was leaving the bedroom, not marching over to the bed. I had been so sure that he was about to strap me to the big bulky bed again. 

He carried me down the long dim hallway, and into the bright kitchen. He crossed the floor, and stopped right in front of the kitchen counter, where he placed me gently down. The sink was filled with warm water, and a handfull of dirty dishes.

I stared up into his eyes, and opened my mouth to thank him for bringing me here, to thank him  for not strapping me to the bed again. The words never left my lips. His warm hands landed on my knees, and slowly made their way up my naked thighs. My mouth went dry, my heart nearly stopped beating as he pushed my legs apart, my uncovered core revealed to the entire room. My wide eyes where glued to his molten brown orbs. He stepped inbetween my parted legs, his hands still resting on the inside of my thighs, so close to my now throbbing core. I just stared at him, frozen in place, my lips slightly parted.

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